23 Oct

This is #NotMyCat aka Mickey …. A somewhat charismatic, charming, Turkish van cat who uses my wheelie bin (which is at the back door) as a throne, upon which he snoozes in the sun, surveys his grounds, supervises my kitchen goings on and generally ‘cat’ things.   When BFF is here she lets him in, feeds him, and we fuss and play with him, and he often snoozes on my posh black desk chair (white hair repository).  BFF has a mild allergy to fur, she had changed the duvet as she was itching and sneezing, she took a call from daughter2 and had company on the fresh, unfurred duvet – best laid plans.  You could say this is ‘his’ house.

As I’m a late sleeper, BFF gets up and goes off on a three mile speed walk, returns and breakfasts with Mighty Mickey before I surface to consciousness.  I could hear her talking to him, heard the front door open and close (M’s preferred exit method) and then heard the tell tale sound of his dish tapping against the kitchen skirting board. Had the little beep trotted around the building, leaped onto his bin and re-entered through the kitchen window? “Meooow……. Meeooww…….. Meeeooowww…..” That’s not a Mickster squeak!  I called to BFF and low and behold Mickey’s nervous cautious but curious best bud aka Ginger had taken a bravery pill and wandered in (via bin and window) but couldn’t or wouldn’t jump on the worktop and exit the same way.  BFF shepherded Ginger through the lounge and he sprang with much relief out the front door.

With the nights being warm, we often had the window open slightly, so it was no surprise that at some point Mickey would sneak in and settle on the bed (after the kneading ritual).  He was against my feet as I turned and after a brief while I felt him stand and jump off, I cracked my eye open and gazed towards the window where a blurry lump was wiggling (I’ve very poor eye sight and glasses were on the table). I thought M was taking a wander and thought nothing more until a guttural growl began from somewhere in the corner of the room.  Odd, was M observing something from the window (we have hedgehogs and possible a fox in these parts).  Again the growl began with greater earnest, persistence and aggression, BFF hopped out of bed to the window, where the fuzzy lump high tailed it, replaced by M up at the window scanning and searching, not happy.  We had had a new furry intruder!  A stripped tortoiseshell moggy, possibly the known wanderer from a neighbouring street called Bert (or is it Ernie, they’re so alike).

Okay, so granted I have reached my golden decade and am single, but I didn’t order the old lady kitty cat starter kit and Signor Mickey d’Mooch feels he has exclusive rights to this cat club establishment.

That reminds me, I must retrieve the conker from under my desk.  Big Sis has placed a few in my porch to deter the arachnid intruders, Mickey got it in his cat nip induced noggin to play football with one.


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3 responses to “C-Antics

  1. menhir1

    October 23, 2018 at 6:34 pm

    I had a great giggle with this super write up. Mickey has decided to own you, whether he is yours or not.

    Other feline wanderers are a difficulty for cat flap owners. They usually have to fork out for a more expensive gizmo with a one way exit from the inside, only the ‘belonging’ feline gaining access with a special wireless (or, magnetic something or other) collar. Unless said moggy is permanently a kitten, it would be very difficult for two to squeeze in at the same time, so I am told.

    Windows, that’s another story and probably an enormously expensive proposition for those left open just a crack. Although, a locking latch fitting, which includes a night latch setting may not be off the scale. It would mean though, that Mickey (AKA etc,) would have to be either in or out once the night latch is in use.

    My mind’s eye runs riot at the thought of a furry duvet.


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    • AnneMarie

      October 23, 2018 at 6:42 pm

      In truth, if I was not so unbalanced and precarious with my walking, I’d let him in too. But shhhh don’t let on.

      My BFF has a cats and at her home the cat flap reads the cats micro chips to only let them in, it can also be locked so they cannot go out (that’s usually means one starts his persistent singing).

      I did begin to wonder if gossip along the moggy grapevine had my place marked as a hostel, lol.


  2. deacongill

    October 24, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    Loved this hilarious kitty-tale! Catz … wot are they like! Hope you *conker* the cat-flap puzzle soon so only Mickey can enter his domain – and put paid to all that kitty-gossip about The Hostel Where Mickey Lives.

    On second thoughts … write a story! Brilliant for kids.

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