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Knickers to it

Knickers! I dislike clothes shopping at the best of times but shopping for underoos is one of the worst.  

Once upon a few years ago I could go into several high street establishments and peruse their selection, find the multi pack high leg briefs and be spoilt for choice. Spoilt, now there’s a rarity. Nowadays sizes, materials and quality differ vastly from store to store. Steadily the selection dwindled to one high street store, and now that store has closed locally, except it’s food hall. Add the dwindling stores open along our high streets and online sites beckon.

Trouble with online is you cannot handle. My preferred store has an online shop but delivery charges and potential return costs practically matches the cost of the item. On a well known auction site a trader was selling high street store ex-stock so I plumped for a pack. They arrived but they were not my preferred store and the cotton body of the pant stretched more than the waist elastic to such a point the stretched rigid elastic dug into my flesh as I eased them up. To the bin with them! 

I am beginning to think the knicker elastic has been put in the tape measures instead of the garment.

I’ve plumped for another pack, which have the high street store logo printed on the packaging – we shall see.


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Siblings Day


Its National Siblings Day and my older Sister visited today (she off out tonight!) and brought with her a booklet to show me a top she liked the look of.  The immortal words “oww, there’s a web site” were uttered and BAM!

You see I have some specific needs with clothing. Tops must be long sleeved, the neck must be round, but so round it’s sliding around my neck/shoulders, no slash necks, no v-necks, no buttons, no fastening at the back. I am fed up of woken jumpers and want something different for the Warner summer days.  We have gone around all the clothes shops in town and found the grand total of one that meets my needs, so demoralised I did not like it so did not buy it.

On this site I found at least half a dozen designs, in numerous colours and all at affordable prices!  Spoilt for choice.

Monday, we are shopping apparently, lol, so she can claim the free gift 


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