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It’s the way you give them


It can be very hard to gift a gift to someone who is always around when you go shopping.  My Sister is my carer and at times of Birthday and Christmas it can be difficult getting items for her without her knowing about them.  When I could move about more easily getting something delivered by mail or courier solved that issue but nowadays I cannot get to the door to grab the stuff and then carry it to a hiding place.

What to do – what to do

During one of my insomnia nights an idea began to form in my wide-awake noggin – a letter in the form of a riddle or quiz, something brain teasing to make her guess what she has been gifted.

I remembered those childhood puzzles where words were replaced by pictures and you had to read the passage.  It kept me busy for a few days working out how to replace the sentence with pictures and no cheating with simple words.

But it doesn’t end there.  You cannot just hand someone a piece of paper, where’s the fun in that!!  Off to the oracle known as YouTube to search for origami A4 and see what comes up.  I found an awesome easy video to follow that turned the sheet of A4 into a heart, I created a bag out of wrapping paper and made sure it was not with anything else and when we loaded up to go to hers. I said it was fragile to handle with care.  When it sat on her foot stool ready to be opened I said “You can rip the bag there’s nothing in there to harm”. puzzlement crossed her face.  She opened the wrapping and took out a heart, neatly folded and looking crisp, she gingerly unfolded the tabs and creases and laid it out flat.

It took her a while, but she got there and thoroughly enjoyed it when I offered to decipher she gave an emphatic “No, I will get there”

I will put the answer in the first comment for those of you wanting to give it a go.



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