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Uni Student Accommodation – How the Heck !?


Help!!  As none of my circle and none of my best friends circle have ever been to University [well not within the last 20+ years], we are stuck in what the procedure is for finding accommodation for a second year university student who is studying at Central St Martins in London.

I know of a web site where you can see where/who has rooms in a house share available.

On Monday I intend to call the Uni see if they have a student body or someone who can advise.

If any reader out there has experience and can give me/us some hints tip and what to be wary of, that would be an enormous help.

I am wondering if the way is to contact a letting agent, give them a budget and a day mum and daughter can go look and tell the Agent to make appointments at 4 or 5 places to go see and check out



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