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Guests departing

Tomorrow my numerous guests are going home 😥 Whilst having this amusing distraction has been fun. No Kim I do not want any of my own!

The boys appeared hurridly when the man from Tesco arrived, I think they were looking for signs of veggy treats or wanted to pass comment upon my edible purchases.


With that earning them nothing, they went onto full emotional blackmail by applying their cute faces.


How can an Aunty resist?   And to make sure I got the full effect of their brotherly love …..


So after a sunflower seed or four each, I rummaged through their feed for a couple of peanuts and then went and got a couple of sheets of kitchen paper towel for them to destroy and merrily chuck the bits and dust all over my desk/hifi/table/speaker/floor.

Utoh .. can they read, one is sitting on the top floor of the gerbilarium eyeing me suspiciously.

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Guest to stay

Yesterday I collected the two items of livestock and four items of faurna that are entrusted to my responsibility for the next three weeks ::nervous:: now I am not so nervous of looking after the gerbils but I am nervous about the african violets!

At lunchtime I brought in a treet for the nibblers in the form of some broccoli, I waved the green veg infront of the perspex, nothing, I called their names, nothing, I opened the door [usually draws their attention], nothing. So I left the two bits of vroccoli on the wire ledge [they have a three story gerbilarium] and the pair of numpty’s couldn’t be bothered to walk up the ramp to where the stuff was but decided they could get to the juicy morsel through the wires.


So I opened the door again, thinking they might come trotting up to grasp their treat but no, they sat there watching me ::rolleyes:: I eased down morsel one so #1 got his bit and then the second bit for #2 who I almost had to knock out before he noticed … they scurried to their respective corners and munched merrily. After all this enertion it was nap time [for them not me!]

30-04-10_1342 Doesn’t he look cute!!!

The other charges are sitting on my dresser, I am so nervous about them, they can be a difficult plant to grow, but Kim told me to talk to them, play them some music and just water them every couple of days ….. U-( …..


My bud Kim, her hubby and daughter are driving down to London in preparation for flying off to Barbados tomorrow for two weeks RnR in the sun – oh yes and for her hubs to watch the 20/20 cricket tournament.

Have fun friends :wave:


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