Selective Brain

11 Aug


Last week travelled a slightly different path than the previous, well a change is as good as a rest they say, don’t know about the rest bit my old issue with the mighty Morpheus is in battle again. Still I settled today to return to old ways and after enjoying lunch (no coffee sandwiches today) picked up the crochet hook to magic circle the pink bit for the next cat butt coaster, but TV has moved on.  Two weeks ago my afternoon would be filled with The Link, followed by 15-1, and then Tipping Point and The Chase. Hours of guessing the answer (sometimes right, often wrong) and it was surprising how often the same question worded slight differently would come up in two or more of these quizzes within a day or so.

I have always marvelled those who can quote poems and passages, or quip notable quotes. It astounds me that people can remember and recall countries and capitals, or chemical elements and the periodic table.

Why does my brain decide to remember the lyrics to Fresh Prince, Family Guy and American Dad and not Morse Code or the Greek Alphabet? How come I can recall who have played Miss Marple and Poirot but not list England’s Monarchs or Prime Ministers? Still toying with the long term idea of doing some sort of course, but I worry that I lack the will to stay motivated.

Anyway, there are now gaps in my quizzy afternoons (at least there is no horse racing on C4). It is curious that I can stitch away while the TV is on, but switch it to the radio, music playlist or an audiobook and my concentration slips causing mistakes in what I am making.

I’ve settled in more to WorPress and hope to expand the bloggers to follow and read.

TTFN Readers 🙂

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One response to “Selective Brain

  1. Bushka

    August 11, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    Yes, amazing some people are gifted to watch/listen to TV and do ‘other things’. Might we call this the gift to multitasking in the presence of TV? 😉
    Oddly enough, the Brain always registers ‘intake’…even subliminally…BUT…the culprit is the Ability to Recall. 😉
    Enjoy your time here….beginning to ‘feel’ comfy….:) Hugs!



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