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All In A Week


I have often remarked that if I could just link my head to the computer via a handy usb port I would get so much more done!

The week has been all kinds of topsy-turvy.  Sunday last was a car boot day, I was up at 5am, bundled into the car by 5.40, arrived on site and made our first sale by 6.15.  You have to be that early, if you join the que of cars waiting to get in after 6, you’re likely in the hedges or turned away.  It was a gorgeously sunny day and along with my Big Sis and her bestie we people watched, mused, laughed and amused ourselves through the next six hours.  We didn’t make our fortune, the estate car was packed to the roof and what we took home went into one box.  As we sat there munching a ham roll we listed the stuff we had not brought and it was sort of collectively tentatively thought we do it all again next Sunday [15th].  I don’t mind doing them but I always get this fear I will need a wee … there are some loos there [think muddy field festival type style] but they are raised and not disabled friendly [probably not human friendly at all, likely to be bitten on the bum by a spider].

Monday got thrown out of kilter as Sister was going to be here all day. Husband was going out in his kit car, taking son as well for a boys night, so they’d be gone from 4 til 9 so instead of going home to sit in an empty house she stayed with me.  We had a pizza treat and watched Pompeii.  wow what a film! It was exhausting, you were so taken in by the characters and knowing the impending doom and wanting the good to win and the bad to get their just deserts.  Highly recommend it.

Tuesday did its best to behave as normal but I still had not recovered from the exhaustion of Sunday and no matter what I tried, I could not get proper resting sleep.

Wednesday was all over the place, Big Sis was on-call to watch over the not-so-tiny terrorist, everything was waiting on phone calls.  So we couldn’t really settle to do stuff as we knew the phone would ring, as it did.  Although I do believe Wednesday night I did actually sleep, phew!

Thursday was Big Sisters birthday, and we went out for a carvery together.  Lovely meal, I don’t often have a gravy dinner, no point doing all the faffings for one, it was a nice treat to feast on roast pork and turkey, roast potatoes, peas, beans, carrots, stuffing, sausage, proper meat gravy and a big old Yorkshire pudding.  

Friday behaved, but I am so behind on all the stuff that should have been done, the whole house needs a proper going through and I just do not have the time or the inclination, as for the energy, forgetinalready!

Yesterday I was proofing my web work of Friday before publishing the new review page.  There maybe some other additions to make [when people get back to me] but for now I am pleased with it.  Just the new photo album to work on, this means selecting the photo, correcting any faults and sharpening, resizing, adding site logo, adding © info, saving it to the folder and then making sure you have the note of who, what and where it was taken.  There have been six shows in all, I have done about 6 from the first two shows so far.  It can be arduous working a web site, getting the permissions and the paragraphs of remarks and reviews etc, but the finished article can look quite pukka.

aaaand we’re back to another Sunday, trying to catch up on the catching ups.  Need to empty the washer if I want clean nickers tomorrow and need to get washing done if I want a clean top!  Sink is full of dishes, freezer needs organising, trash needs stuffing in the bin, counters need wiping. I’ve got a pile of papers that need filing and a DVD that needs packaging up for mailing out.

Where are the team of helpful elves when they’re needed!!


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blogophiles rejoice!


Pinch punch its the first of the month and all that fuss and nonsense.  Well here we are, a new month has begun, and this months ‘thang’ is that it is Blog Awareness Month, where peeps try and blog something daily of whit, entertainment, interest and informative – don’t think I am going to try and be that ambitious, I’ll just try and post something every day.  See how we go …..

Today has been far sunnier and brighter and thus so has my mood.  Sister rang this morning as she was bored, well not so much bored as restless, it is too too early to really get stuck into the perils of Christmas Gift shopping, many are yet to get their full ranges out on the shelves, we plan on doing a couple of reconnoitring missions before we set to properly.  Although some cards and the occasional gift item have already been purchased, we will begin in earnest soon.

Did the web site update and reshuffled the files on the server to make things tidier.  It has grown somewhat and the site now has about 50+ pages – thats a $%^ load of hand typed html  which does not include the intricacies of the photo collection!

I am in danger of crossing things off my many ‘to-do’ lists o the iPad … so early in the month too, this does not bode well for the next 29.

See you tomorrow.

p.s. no visitors last night, phew.


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Whirring like a Dervish


Bloody hell …. when did that happen …. we are already into another month. A quarter of the year is over and the heating is still on standard winter setting when by now it is on warm Spring!  Oh cripes, better hand in my homework to teach and be ready for the disappointed peers.

what of the February ‘list’

  • organised reminders regarding quotes for work to be done … … … … 🙂  DONE
  • Get the AGM guff sorted and sent… … … … … … … … … … … … … 🙂  DONE
  • listed ‘needs’ on family tree research… … … … … … … … … … … . 🙂  DONE
  • drafted letter to Aunt and Uncle… … … … … … … … … … … … … .. 🙂  DONE
  • proofed and printed profiles… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … 🙂  DONE
  • begun edit on movie files… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … 🙂  DONE
  • backed up files properly
  • gotten info re iMac OS upgrade

What was on the March list.

  • Sort out the run around with the National Archive [should blog this] … … … … 🙂  DONE
  • Scan photos for printing order
  • Blog about Kathy Reisch books read [3 so far this year]
  • Finish and publish website pages, album, updates… … … … … … … … 🙂  DONE
  • Update my sites page

Some success, some errors and a few days of cannot be arsed.  But today the sun has been shinning and I have all my Jools Holland playlist playing, managing to sing reasonably in-tune with most of the tracks.  Wish I could find a way to not yawn half way through a song, must be an oxygen saturation sort of thing.  I am pretty sure my %’s are low because of my muscle issues and spinal curve.  don’t really want to face the medicos with their eagerness to ‘vent’ me as that will pretty immobilise my at-home independence.

April I am going to be risky and go ‘off-list’ Woohooooooo …. lets see hat I get round to doing.  Got a Theatre trip this month, off to see Starlight Express and also the Residents annual meeting to chair and minute and everything.

Right off to amuse oneself [legally]




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This is how things have been so far this week .. tip-tapping away, collating information, forming the report, sending emails, writing html and editing photos. It has been a veritive hive of action.

Gathering information for a review of Stephen’s involvement with the Barry Gibb Mythology Tour was a long process, trying to source information and gather comments and reviews.  People are less forthcoming sharing photos and videos understandable really, there are those out there who just steal others work, who erase their copyright markings and do not make it plain who the original photographer was.  Facebook is the enabler.  I spend ages finding stuff, asking permission, confirming what I do is alright by the source contributor.  My heart sinks when within minutes of me posting the new album someone has right-click saved the photo, removed the tag and put it on their wall, people are commenting congratulating on a great image little realising the poster had nothing to do with it.

Anyway, one review page, one new video, one new photo album done and published.  I need to do some virtual housekeeping on the site files.  A week of html hell, and editing and getting the large files onto the server – yippee, I am done til the next time!

My Sister has some family photos that I do not, so she brought them over for me to scan so I can print off copies for myself.  She also wanted me to scan and edit three photos she has, which she wants to put above the bed.  One is of the very first day she met her eventual husband [not many have those kinds of photos], we used to have a petrol station and repairs garage and she was helping Dad at a trade stand, this was late 1960’s, the fellow was invited to be a customer for a photo.  Then a photo taken at a photoshoot for their engagement and then there is the shot of them on their wedding day.  She had bought three matching frames but the photos needed to be resized and cleaned up a little.  So that was most of yesterday.

Today has been a technical paperwork day.  One of the flats here is up for sale, an offer has been accepted so now it is furnishing the Solicitors with all the information needed about the Management Company, the property, the flat, the lease, the finances and service charges, full birth and parentage on everything.  I supplied close to 90 pages of information.  All now has been emailed and I know tomorrow or Friday there will be a question from the Solicitors where I will have to bite my tongue not to say “it’s on page X of appendix Y”.

My hands ache and I am cold, totally fed up with the weather – and to make this a miserable hump day the electric bill, the water bill and the sewerage bills arrived and my sister left the becon on the fridge shelf I cannot reach.

Tomorrow is chores day, dishes to wash, laundry to start and Sister does not know this yet, bed changing and vacuuming.


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Mad March Marches


It’s doing it again, isn’t it?  The calendar, the seasons, the weather ….. January felt two month long and here we are hurtlig towards double digit March and it feels like barely a fortnight since January.  Did no one bother sending Mother Nature and Father Time new calendars??

Time is hurtling and the pile of tasks, jobs, projects, chores, demands, etc is growing.  Other than yesterday I have been sat at the computer five to eight hours a day and somehow not much headway has been made.  Well, in truth, when creating a brand new web page from scratch it is tediously time consuming.  Sourcing text, photos, video and graphics, obtaining the necessary permissions, editing, resizing, logo adding the snaps, file type converting and uploading to the server; trying to make things flow and look eye pleasing, be reader informative without boggy or buggy depending on the devices os system and browser of choice. The brain has become html bracket blind, I almost sent a text with in!  It is behind schedule, thanks to some unscrupulous people in the world who take for themselves from people’s private photo accounts, blogs and pages, people are reluctant to give permissions to share their bounty.  I have not even began collating and © marking for the new photo album, but that is thankfully a little easier than a new page.   should have started the basics sooner – I only have myself to blame.

So what of the Februry ‘list’

  • organised the Residents AGM  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. .. ..   🙂 made the call, booked the Hall [April]
  • prepared the end of year accounts  ..  ..  ..  .. ..   started, need to fill in the numbers
  • filed the tree work order with the local council  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. they came and looked
  • organised reminders regarding quotes for work to be done
  • completed the broom stick scarf  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  🙂 finished it and started another
  • inventoried the wool I have left  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. ..  🙂 Well know how many scarves I can make
  • begun second project, most likely doggy coat    ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. .. .. .. 🙂 finished that one.
  • listed ‘needs’ on family tree research
  • drafted letter to Aunt and Uncle
  • proofed and printed profiles
  • sourced two shoe boxes to keep stuff in  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  🙂 but not the putting away, yet.
  • begun edit on movie files
  • backed up files properly
  • gotten info re iMac OS upgrade
  • finished reading The Fry Chronicles  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. ..  🙂 done and done 🙂
  • watched borrowed 3-dvd set [Senna – TT Closer to the edge – Fastest] .. .. .. .. .. 🙂 done
  • blogged about them too .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. .. .:) done and oh those eyes 😛

That’s 10 out if 17 done ….. 59% ….. does that constitute a C-?  Oww-err not exactly a glowing report for the shortest month of the year, especially when one of those was done yesterday.  Somehow this yer the winter apathy will just not shift, the sleep pattern will not coordinate with the clock and all in all I am feeling out of go-go juice.  The sunshine of the past couple of days has been wonderful to see but the cold blast as I opened the window not so welcome, nor the coring and squwarking of the damnable seagulls.

So the rest of this mad march month … onto a new list

  • Do the ones undone from February
  • Sort out the run around with the National Archive [should blog this]
  • Scan photos for printing order
  • Blog about Kathy Reisch books read [3 so far this year]
  • Finish and publish website pages, album, updates
  • Update my sites page

Think i will leave it there for now .. right then back to the blindness known as html writing.

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Slightly pressured


I wish ….
I want …..
I waste …..

Remember a couple of weeks ago I said I was in a sort of energy-less funk .. well I am now caught up in the after mess.  that time hen the to-do list has reached page two, the hours in the day are moving too quickly and all those [self imposed] deadlines and wants and so forth whizz by your ear with a desperate scream.

There is so much crying for my physical and mental attention, and yes more haste less speed or in the case of this blog more haste more typos [apologies readers].  I found some cheap laundry netting bags to wash the smalls in and still be able to grab them out the washer and piss off the sock-thief [he cannot ‘do’ zips], but that still means I have to pair up the socks, fold the nicks, and untangle the bras before putting them away in the glory draw – after the battle of the bedroom tidy I am ‘trying’ to keep on top of it better than before – trying being the operative word.  I have still to properly go through my two draws and be sensible and realistic at what to discard and then deal with the getting the chucked stuff chucked.

I have begun a new crochet project, a broomstick scarf with a variegated yarn.  It takes 60 rows and because of its nature and my disability I can manage about three sometimes four rows before my upper arms and neck scream for rest.  I am pleased with the results so far, and knowing there are four other variegated scarves I could produce I want to ‘get-on’ and do them.  If I could crochet for two or three hours a day so much more could be achieved, the suitcase of yarn would diminish and could be put ‘out-the-way’. I am also working on a doggy coat, but that uses back and really you need to work in natural light with black as you can easily split the wool or miss the right loop to stitch in.  There is not enough day light at the brightest of times and with a list of potential coat cordinations, the list feels growing rather than shrinking.

The Residents Association business – I could really throw a hissy at Banks. I write to each resident about the annual change of the fees, and write it is simple english with simple instructions for their Banks, do they all do it – no.  So that is 1/3rd to chase up and another four invoices to prepare for those too awkward to pay by Direct Debit that I have to chase up for their fees.  Now the snow is dissipating, that needs doing, along with the annual accounts, booking for the annual meeting, sourcing quotes for work this year and then chasing everyone up again as they still have not got their banks sorted.  Drives me mildly mad, it is not rocket science!

Both web sites need some maintenance on them and updating.  There is an idiot fan having a drop down argument about an album that is available on iTunes, they insist it is by Steve Gibb [as in Son of Bee Gee Barry Gibb] and thus I ‘have to’ add it to the web site and I keep telling them it is not that Steve Gibb but another equally talented writer and performer.  They refuse to be ignored and thus more vile messages are sent to anyone who will read, denouncing me as ‘not a proper fan’ and ‘I am going to tell the family all about her’, type of things.  Then there is another equally ardent fan who will illegally download copies of unreleased songs from other peoples private videos, create a montage of stolen pictures from websites and photo accounts and then present it on the net as their own work.  Privacy and boundaries are words that they do not comprehend. I take the time to seek the authors permission, they just screen-print steal from me!

A friend has asked me to look into a a bit of her family history and it has exploded into intrigue and squabbles.  Her Great-Aunt was in the Special Operations Executive in World War 2, that’s the intrigue bit – I am about to see if I can get copies of any records from The National Archive, but it is highly confusing what you can ask for and how you are supposed to ask for it.  during the course of family tracing distant cousins have made contact and what they know about the 1700’s/1800’s relations while an interesting expedition into social history, has caused some members of my friends family to absolutely go ape-shit.  Good grief, it is public information and over 100 years old! I ‘almost’ wish now when she asked I had said no.

My own projects have not progressed and I feel I am neglecting them.  I am close to finishing my own tree research and getting ready to move to the next phase – getting it all downloaded and documented and then uploading it to my web site.

However, I am now on book four for this year – don’t care what you say Green Eggs and Ham is a book and I read it, so it counts, lol.  I might [if there is time this week] blog about the Terry Pratchett book ‘Maurice and his amazing rodents’ which I read before “The Lady of the Rivers”.  Currently I am reading Terry Pratchett’s “Snuff”.

Oh Yes, and to utterly test my nerve, after weeks of there being bugger all worthy on tv, tomorrow the left eye will b watching Call The Midwife and Ripper Street, while the right eye will be watching Top Gear and Person of Interest.

Sorry for the spelling errors and typos but the left arm has gone into full on spasm cramp mode from the tip tap tapping of the keys on the keyboard —– ouch ouch ouchy owwwwwwww!!!

Give me strength!!

[ranting tantrum over – normal for me has been resumed, one hand typing ot arduous]


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Can I? Please, please, PLEASE


Some of you may recall that back on 1st August I published this post … Augustus Comes With Good Intent … in which I detailed five tasks to try and complete before the end of the month.  Today is the 29th and I am here with a progress report.

MY WEBSITE  ::  I have updated the ‘Doing Now’ page and added some new photos and a new album

PAPERWORK  ::  I worked through the Residents business paperwork and distributed the outstanding invoices and meeting minutes, even did the filing 

FAMILY TREE  ::  The aim was to polish and print off the info for one branch, well I have done three.  The fourth branch is very much in the research stages, but progress has been made there too

CROCHET  ::  I have finished the two neck warmers as I intended and also did a headband to match a pair of gloves already done

BOOK ::  Well ….. I have not started one nor blogged.  I thought of cheating and reading a very slim Roald Dahl but thought, no, be honest with your bloggees.

Soooooo …..

Can I have my reward please ?????

I mean four out of five is good, right. and I did more than I intended on two of them.  
I also helped a fellow tree researcher with their tree.


Can I please?  Please, please, PLEASE







p.s. I am going with what Bushka says


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I’m not that sweet!!


How are we all out there in the wondrous scary world beyond the screens?  Time is ticking along, only 137 days until Christmas [yes I have started, although I think Great-Nephew is going to get his way before December, like in two weeks time, lol].

Well then, lets tell you how things are round here.  It has reached that time of year when I seem to become the sushi bar of delicacy to some blood sucking insect.  Every day for the past couple of weeks I have woken with a new itch, a new bump and a new red inflamed spot.  Up until now they have appeared on my lower leg, and usually the leg snuggled under the duvet rather than the one languishing all exposed.  However, now the favoured area seems to be the forearm, of course there are the obligatory ones right where the bra strap sits and one drunken bugger left one on my chin.

Sometimes I look more like a contorting gorilla when the itchiness get too much.  Apart from the resultant marks, it does leave me with a feeling that microscopic beings are crawling about my skin, I flinch and stop, waiting for confirmation but no, it is just my trousers tickling a hair or a piece of cotton dangling.  What was that?  Oh a loose hair falling at my neck.

Might try the diluted listerine on my legs, or the peppermint foot spray, see if that deters them.  I am reluctant to use an antihistamine because they have a tendency to put me to sleep and insect repellants tend to just annoy them into finding that one bit of me that missed the daubing, like where the knickers elastic sits.

Hey ho.  Monday my Sister and I [shhh she doesn’t know yet] will be damp dusting, vacuuming and airing my bedroom.

August boot strap up-date – Well limited progress has been made.  I have caught up with the paperwork, just the copying and distributing to be done, but that requires third party hands.  I am cracking on with the crochet and while polishing the family tree branches I discovered the codes for four more death certificates.  Even made notes on what to update on my web site.

Now what can I find to ‘watch’ while I crochet this afternoon.


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Clearing the desk [mental & actual]


About three weeks ago I reached a mental point where I felt like the desk above, and my desk felt like the desk above, as too did the draw that pending paperwork gets stuff into.  Too much going on, nothing in its place, none of the tasks were focused, deadlines were approaching, more stuff was threatening to engulf the desk space etc, so I just had to drop everything and go step by step.

Now I am trying to remember what it was that kept me away for, cripes 26 days!!  Somehow the list and paragraphs will sound so weak, lol.

Let me see, a great deal of the time was spent working on the ESA form.  Everyone who currently received Incapacity Benefit is being reassessed and migrated to the Employment Support Allowance, nothing wrong with that, I think that regardless of someone’s medical history regular reassessment is a good thing.  The difficulty comes in a one-size-fits-all form that is going to be read by someone who knows absolutely nothing about how struggling with things affects the writer.  Everything is down to interpretation, which inevitability leads to error.  The questions can be so vague.  Lifting something, they use the example of the small carton of milk, well, I could struggle with that, if the top is on tightly, there is a handle, it is not wet to make it slippery to handle, so how can you put ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when you need to explain.  Is the correct way “yes, but not if …” or “No, unless …”.  I know that reason for the form is to do with viability for seeking work, if I could I would I was financially better off if not totally knackered all the time.  There is little to no connection with aspects of disabled living, as my Sister [who is also my carer] pointed out, I could work full time, but they’d have to pay my carer to come too to move me around, fetch and carry, and take me to the loo etc.

The company contracted to process all these forms, apart from having record numbers appeal and overturn their decision are also approximately four months behind, so I have a lovely four months to wait to find out if I am being forced to look for a job that is not there that I cannot do, while appealing their erroneous decision while managing my usual daily struggles at existing.  The great bulk of all this hassle is squarely at the feet of those who intentionally mislead and fraudulently claim – thanks.

The musician’s web site I care-take has had a busy time.  He performed at a couple of gigs in February, so I was seeking and searching for reviews and blogs, as well as contacting fans and photographers for the necessary permissions to host some of their photos and reviews.  It is surprising how long all the back room work takes, even to staying up past midnight so I could skype with a photographer about the site and photos.  Then there is the putting together of the new pages and photo albums and testing to see that they are correct in the major 3 or 4 web browsers before sending them to the musician for final say, uploading them to the serer and publishing them.  There is an issue, which I may post about another time, to do with some people’s attitudes to web site content, which has me miffed, all riled up and general irritated by.

It is that time of year for the annual residents meeting where I live.  That involves me putting together the financial report and finding the relevant info for the coming years works [that reminds me I need to telephone the local council tree officer about our preservation order tree maintenance]. I am also the sucker I mean secretary who checks all the service charges are paid properly, between Banks cancelling some and double paying others, some people not paying at the right time, it is a nightmare!  Plus, guess who has to do the invites and get them mailed out to the landlords, yeap, me.

There have been some interesting things though, I have seen a number of films and always say to myself afterwards, must blog that but alas and alack, it doesn’t get that far.  A friend asked for my help in selling some items on eBay, it was fun if time consuming researching details of the vintage items for the sales blurb, some sold, some did not.  We were very surprised that her Blythe Kenner circa 1972 doll in original box did not sell, considering its valued at over £2,500 and we were asking £1,500.

So, lets recap the projects list.

  • FAMILY TREE – Had a break through on one twig , need to do one more check on another branch before typing up profiles and sending letters to my Aunt and Uncles and Mum’s cousin to see if they remember any snippet.
  • CROSS STITCH – Still not started anything, not even a four hour mouseloft kit.
  • WEB SITES – The one is fine and dandy for now, got some video work to do for release in a couple of months.  Mine, could do with up-dating the ‘Doing Now’ page, again.
  • JEWELLERY – Not started, but its not like there is any hurry.
  • CLOTHES SORT – yeahhh, this is done, but the charity things have not gone out yet, keep missing them envelope collection days.
  • BOOK OF MYSELF – Not started, thought I might do this alongside the next two items.
  • UPLOAD VIDEOS – I have got the device, just need the chunk of free hours to hook up vcr and record the vids to dvd.
  • UPLOAD TAPES – I have the cable, just need the hours etc.
  • HANG PICS – Yeahhh My Super Sis did this Monday
  • CRAFT STUFF – I have not gone through the stuff to junk what is not needed, tidy and store properly the hibernated projects and related supplies and equipment.
  • CROCHET – Just four last rows to do and all the squares are done.  They, along with the yarn, can then be packed away until my friend visits and ‘we’ start stitching them together.  I can start the broomstick crochet I want to try, which should be incentive to get them last rows done!
  • BOOKS – I have not even moved the beside books to dust around them.
  • iPAD – Well … if all goes to plan … next week I will have an extended demo and hands on have a go and if I can use it, then I intend to buy one, just depends when my Sister can take me to the Apple Store.


I am hoping over the coming weeks I can be better organised and less in demand to be able to spend more time here with my blog buddies.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Spring-like conditions, I may have to turn the heating down a notch, again.



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Web-y Tech-y Headach-y


I have a number of flv files on the web site I care-take and had the idea that really for the sake of archive and back up purposes I could burn them to a DVD .. .. .. of course my brain being my brain and being enamoured with my Mac as I am, the imagination was creating index menu styles, sub menus, listing the various music vids etc – after all it is almost one click drag n drop these days, right? ….. Not quite …..

The Apple web site has some very clear and instructive videos of how simple it can be to turn A into B and do C and voilå D.  YouTube can be a wondrous tutorial source, but the whizz kids can sometimes forget a fundamental thing, still they do give you the theory if not always the successful practical.  It would appear that to be creative in iDVD the numerous movie files need to not be in the flv format, but preferably the mpeg or avi format.  Off to Google we go for a converter, more issues, a majority of the free, trial based, or online converters will only do three minutes and offer no editing capabilities.

So, now I am reading reviews of three converter programs to purchase, finding the elements that each is different and evaluating their importance.  What started me on this … oh yes … simplicity.

Brain is also creating a new review page for the site following the hugely successful Hard Rock gig last Tuesday, Stephen took to the stage with his father, Barry Gibb, for a full-on 90 minute gig.  In fact Barry’s first ever.  Stephen sang one of his late Uncle Maurice’s tracks “OnTime” and did an astounding job.  A note worthy occasion.  So I am tracking people’s photos and getting their permissions and comments, designing page graphics, wrangling with the html code [yes folks i do it old school].

This new page has also triggered a general complete site tweeking and house keeping, so the job list of one item “new page” now has six friends who have joined it.

Of course – all this is distracting me from the things that actually need my attention, like balancing the current account, paying the credit card bill, starting the ESA form filling, organising the Residents AGM, contacting the Tree Oficer about the trees with preservation orders on them, house hold chores, and such like.

All good fun ….. actually, it is rather  


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