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And She Shall Rise …. (Hopefully)


Well that is the plan …. maybe.  As many regular readers may remember I have a muscle wasting disease called fascia-humeral-humeral Muscular Dystrophy, it’s slowly getting worse rendering me weaker so simple tasks become a complete nightmare, some impossible. Skills and abilities, hopes and dreams have been taken away bit by bit.

Last year I began experiencing serious issues getting stood up from my desk. Now my desk is important to me. It is my link to outside life, other than the practical chores like paying bills or shopping for groceries or gifts or writing letters and emails, it is also my coffee shop where I interact with the world through social media, forums and such. It is where I create, code, make web updates, edit photos, write book reviews and blog posts and where I listen to music as I work.  My mornings are usually spent at the desk dealing with business after that first cup of coffee.  That was the issue that made the problem, a problem, because I’d need a wee.  My ‘alternate’ route was to shuffle onto the dining chair, then scooch (technical term) across to the sofa, shift to the sofa, get up stood and trot off to the bathroom, sounds a palavar, it is when you are bursting!  So I stopped being at my desk as much or for as long, which stopped me listening to music, which stopped me spending as much time creating, which stopped me writing letters and emails to family and friends, which had me putting off jobs! projects! research etc.  I have my iPad but it’s not the same, there are things I need to do on my Mac at my desk.

It took a while to admit defeat, it took longer to try and seek an answer. I’m tired of investing hope to be disappointed, or struggling constantly for no reward.  Anyway, I sourced a company who sent their physiotherapist to come visit me and evaluate my situation.  Several hours later, after numerous getting ups to show my technique and what I hoped to achieve, he left and the next day sent me details and costs of a wizzy chair and desk.  I was hopefully, but also realistic that even when it all arrived it would take several attempts, many many failed attempts, to get stood up from my desk in a reasonably straightforward consistent manner, like I do from the bed, the loo and the sofa (the only other spots I can get up from). 

On Wednesday last week the desk, which can rise from knee height to standing working height and has preset buttons to automatically adjust to a height set to a particular millimetre, was built and installed with the new three draw unit beside it, the wizzy chair which rises up and down via a button touch, has wheelers that can be breaked, with arms that drop to be level with the seat, has a lockable swivel, as well as adjustable tilt, back rest, head rest, was wheeled in. I took a seat proudly……got comfy…..and then couldn’t get up. Okay, no prob, just need to get the feel, learn where the chair needs to be, learn and set the desk at just the right height and if not on the first go by the third it will be set. Erm, no. It ain’t happening, I ain’t progressing ….. it is annoying because I cannot sense what is going wrong, what needs to change to achieve the goal. Is it mental me expecting too much giving in too soon, menopause me with all sorts out of sorts, or MD me weakening have I left it too late.


Today I had my lunch at my desk, a list of got to get done jobs, played some favoured tunes to motivate and after a couple of hours tried getting up, couldn’t, so carried on getting more done, enjoying the fun of being at my desk. Then shuffled across to the sofa.

Maybe another day will work, who knows *shrug*


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Cluttered Sofa

I’m sure some of you are from the ancient era where the sofa in the living room tended to always be empty except for an additional cushion or two.  As I approach my golden age I remember the sofas of my childhood home being clear unless the newspaper had been left on the arm; when a certain demanding four-pawed visitor marched into my lounge this week a number of items had to be moved to make room for Senior Fluffball. 

As I sit here now I glance beside me at the accumulated detritus of modern living stacked high…..

  • The iPad
  • Mobile phone
  • Landline phone
  • TV remote
  • Set-top box remote
  • TV listings magazine
  • Crochet project

Sometimes these are joined by the sandwich tray and coffee mug, or my dinner plate, sometimes my book or kindle, sometimes the snack cheese and crackers or salsa and crisps.

Yes, there is a table beside the sofa but well, that has the iPad charger on it, the mug containing the other remotes (old set top box with stuff recorded on it, the old video recorder), nail file, hand sanitizer, candle lighter and pen, my tigger cup and a bottle of juice.

Yes, I do have a knitting box beside the table beside the sofa, that’s holding the other crochet project, the pencil case of crochet tools and case of hooks, the clip box of cross stitch tools, my slipper socks (when not on my feet) and my cardigan.

Maybe I just have too much stuff.


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Frustrated Technically


The question seemed simple “Can I send a PDF file to my Kindle?” Of course my first course of action was to ask the great oracle that is Google. The first page of potential answers contained those comforting words “easy” and “simple”, that should have sent the klaxons of doom going off at ear splitting decibels.

Apparently it’s just three manageable steps. 1 make sure your email is added to the accepted list  in ‘manage devices & settings’ [done]   2 find your kindle’s email [done].  3 send email with attachment from your accepted email to your kindle email [done] …… Aaaaand ta-da, all done.

But it didn’t.

Of course, it didn’t, any “easy and simple” instructions aren’t.

Back to Google, read through another dozen articles all giving the same three instructions. Try them again, still no document appearing on kindle screen.  Scroll through the archive list on Amazon (all two hundred and twenty titles) incase it gets put there [nope].  Read through another few articles, consider an online chat to find out the all important vital fourth step that’s missing.  Turn over and sleep on it.

Next day, look for answers on Google again, find a little added extra some add to step 3 put ‘convert’ into email subject line.  Step 4 Check ‘Doc’s’ on archive lists on Amazon ‘Manage devices & settings”. Step 5 send from archive to required device.

Guess what………………………..It worked!!!

It’s not just me, Is its? Not because I’m getting older and technology is getting younger? 


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Wind Changed

Just a sec, I’m adjusting my draws ….. Not those draws *rolleyes* get your minds out of my Bridget Jones’s, I am referring to my bedroom draws (this sounds worse), the clothing draws, time to put the summer attire towards the back and bring the jumpers to the front. It seems to have come about all of a sudden, to think that on the 1st of the month I woke up in an unheated room, under just a sheet and the window was open – okay so this was in London but still. Last night I was under my 13.5 tog duvet and brushed cotton sheets, my arms encased in my thermal sleeves as I read my kindle.  For some reason I am coldest in the afternoon, right now (1pm) I have my cardigan on over my jumper and will shortly turn on my craft lamp but my hands are still freezing blocks.

So, what’s been occurring ……. Not much really. I have a to-do list for the weekend centred around the website, mostly picture editing and new album uploading, as well as a couple of page edits.  Trying to get my head into Christmas shopping, the mini-monsters are sort of sorted, it is the adults that are drawing a blank. I have one thing on my own list and that was a struggle.

My old HP printer decided it no longer wanted to oblige, so I spent days sourcing a new printer. Would never have believed it would be so complicated. Amazon in window one, my ink cartridge site in another window so I could check refills costs, then in the third window the user manual so I could see if it had basic functions to comply with my needs, such as print various paper sizes and was it a front loader or rear loaded for paper. Really the single photo showing an a4 sized printed photo in the tray tells you nothing. Settled on a cannon, so far so good, although I am yet to print a photo.

The year seems to be hurtling to a close, I am sure time has gone metric, 5 day weeks and 2week months, yesterday was just August, wasn’t it?  

It can be quite difficult coming up with creative, entertaining blogs when your general day to day is incredibly mundane and solitary, I sort of understand why some blog about their pet lives.

Decimate is on, time to tax the little grey cells, and warm my hands on the iPad (by holding it), lol it’s a glamorous life!


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OpenReach? More like ClosedFist!


I am stuck in the middle of a futile tug of war.  I am a Sky customer, OpenReach say I have an ‘unstable’ phone line which means from time to time it will exhibit a confusing range of symptoms.  The internet will drop off and takes ages to reconnect, it may remain connected for micro seconds or day long hours.  The phone might crackle, it might not, it might at the beginning of a call or during the call, it might kick the internet off. There is no consistency.

Reporting it to Sky is a tedious faff, because you cannot report it online, you have to telephone them [on the dodgy phone line], then you go through a series of unplug this plug it back, unplug this plug it back scenario – each one meaning terminating the call and waiting for them to call back. This results in a report Sky send to OpenReach, which they take their sweet sweet time doing anything about and never ever call me back to say its been done [probably because I might blast them a new one!].  Seemingly my system behaves and a month later we start the merry-go-round again.


All I can do is keep reporting the fault to Sky, all they can do is report it to OpenReach and all OpenReach do is change the bit of sticky tape and not truly ‘fix’ the issue.  No point switching providers as whomever I am with still relies on the same infrastructure, which results in reporting things for OpenReach to botch.

In the grand scheme of things it is trivial, but like a hangnail or a lash in you eye, it irritates, it rankles, it is unnecessary if only it was fixed right the first time.

Off to call them yet again …….


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Resigned to Resign

On Monday morning I sent an email of resignation to the charity which hosts the public online forum I moderated. 

In truth it had been on the cards for the past twelve months but I did not want to leave my fellow mod gal pals. The old forum (phpbb) was becoming unstable, there were database issues (spammers reposting others posts as their own), increased spam posts and our volunteer guru was getting nowhere trying to get the licence renewed (which meant a lot of saving info and uploading new software etc). Someone (not us) had the bright idea of starting over, creating a new forum (WordPress) carrying over the existing database and hopefully regenerating interest (from both the charity staff, social media and users). That fired us up, gave us some positives for the future – how naive we were.

The new forum took eight months to ‘prepare’, alright I appreciate this was not being done in-house by the charity but by their third party webby peeps. There were repetitive emails about what was required back and forth. Eventually after numerous deadlines passed the new forum was launched and a significant number of repeatedly told requests were not present and after another eight months, they are still not.  I defy anyone to find a forum that does not have a search function!

The forum has completely lost its community spirit, it’s friendly, supportive, welcoming feeling. For me a sarcastic resentment was setting in, time to let go of it all.  I will admit that I felt a little dejected for the resignation being accepted without dissuasion or much else and discovering I had instantly been ‘de-buttoned’ made it known there was no notice period.

Maybe it’s a protest resignation, but I know the protest will change nothing. Maybe I’m tired to having yet another chance squandered by the third party. Either way, I’m done.


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Hello WordPress-Land …. I am slowly unpacking my blog from BCUK, working out what to put where and as when ever you arrive at a new place trying to figure out the how’s, whose and WTF! of all the buttons and bits.

It’s a little confusing trying to work out who you have clicked to follow and whether you have done the right thing.  Over the next few days I will be uploading my old blog year by year and going over the tags and categories to hopefully generate some new readers.

I must write my check list now I have started over here.  I am something of a lister and then I go over it some time later and mark myself a D- ‘could do more and better’ mark, lol

  • Put new blog address on BCUK
  • Put url onto my website
  • Add FaceBook to this site
  • Upload each year from old blog
  • Go through old blog, check tags, add categories
  • Find fellow BCUK-ers to follow
  • Figure out emoticons situ

Well, I have done the first one, its not a long list but it is a start.

Some new news to blog about ‘soon’ just waiting approval to let the cat out the bag (oh poop, no smilies, hmmm)

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|And So We Begin

Hello bloggers in blogland.  I am another export from the soon-to-be closed BCUK … over the next few weeks I hope to export and upload my blog from there to here, and hoping that this new beginning reawakens my joy of blogging about the anything, everything and nothing that crosses my days.

If you’re interested to find out a little more about me, the bio on my website will answer a few questions and generate a dozen more, such as Murder trial, really?

For now, as I learn the ways of WordPress bear with …!


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Making Plans


With the Poe-like penduum swinging across BCUK I am making plans to shuffe off this mortal blog and replant myself somewhere else.

It seems odd that once I read the news and got over the initial “Oh no!” as we discussed the unsurprising doom, I have felt that there was little need to blog, brain was saying “What is the point if people are leaving anyway” .. which kind of misses the point.

Shortly, I will be creating a WordPress profile and moving my blog over to there.

Hope to catch up with some of you there …. I will post my new address as soon as it is set up.


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Where To Go?

 photo wavebye.gif

We have all by now discovered by various means [mine was a Facebook post] that the BCUK platform is closing in December. Surprised … far from it. But this raises the question, now what?

Times like these put me in a great quandry, I realise I have not been as active on the blogging as I could/should have been, but the thought of loosing or walking away from the years of work and effort here, makes me almost bereft and something I’d loathe to do.  Common fault, I’d need both hands and maybe a foot of times in life where I stubbornly persisted when I should have let go.

If I decide to start again elsewhere, then where?  Live Journal?  WordPress?  Blogger?  I googled and came up with a website listing the top ten blogging sites and was surprised that there were so many I had not heard of Here is the link Best Free Blog Sites ]

Blogging is a useful outlet, but it is made all the more rewarding by the comments and support of my readers  photo hug.gif but I can become jaded that I have nothing of worth to say, the enjoyment is not there when forcing myself to participate

Do I want to ‘start over’ creating a regular reader group, is there somewhere where that has community group style interaction.  I was so reluctant, wrong word let me rethink that, I so procrastinated over the revamping of my website but when forced into it, found it enjoyable and reinvigorating, would a new blog have the same effect or again leave me struggling to come up with something interesting to others.

 photo think_smiley_50.gif

Early days, I know … but where are you guys thinking of going?


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