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Running out of t………

For once ‘Babs’ is almost right! The sun in my life is arriving on Tuesday, my BFF will be here for our two-week PJ party, it most definitely will be an excellent time.  Now before you think it, I do not believe in such bunkum as horoscopes etc but an idle curiosity to check out the absurdity often has me glancing if only to go ^yeah, right^ (Oww, look at me going all posh and using the sarcastrophy). 

So how is the to-do list, has it become a to-done one? Not really

  • • Tidy/sort/chuck bathroom junk – woohoo, done 
  •  • Today/sort/chuck bedroom junk – another one done
  •  • Wash towels – tick that one off
  •  • Start big shop list of don’t forgets – and another crossed off, it’s going well!
  •  • Shift/bag loose balls of yarn – well, erm, oops
  •  • Tidy away untidied bedroom bits – almost kind of, sorta, nearly
  •  • Finish web album work – it was going so well
  •  • Type up pod cast article – type up done, web page not created
  •  • Create contact page – about half way there.

I’ve under estimated how much time the web work would take, I’ve also procrastinated at working at the desk, because the getting up situ is not progressing. *sigh* Okay so new plan while BFF is here is to get web stuff done and uploaded to the server and also to try again at getting stood up from desk. 

With my 0-s*** birthday just days away, I’ve been looking for that special something, a statement piece that will be worn often. I think I have found it. I am looking forward to the sitting around the table together, eating hearty food and enjoying each other’s company.

You know, there is even the possibility that I might do some croches! I know, shocking, I’ve done one row since finishing the Christmas commissions.

Toddles for now *waves*


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Listless Listeria 

Has it already been over a month? (Yeap) You sure it’s not been a couple of weeks? (Nope) Guess I should revisit my to do list then? (Yeap) ….. Hmm, this is not going to be pretty.

  • Work on the web site – phase one done, phase two being mulled over.
  • Carry on with crochet project – tedious brick wall hit, stuck.
  • Try and keep things tidier – that never lasted.
  • Research Greenwich trip – tickets bought, all ready.
  • Clear and tidy desk + draws – wellllll, should do better.
  • Chase up Neuro Consultants Letter – hmm, not even started.

Okay the web work was a big job (pages of alterations, additions and amendments), phase two is reworking the photo section. Another big job as the new photo albums need adding, each separate photo needs resizing, often © marking, as well as captioning.

Desk work has a new problem, I cannot get up from the seat. I’ve been tentatively googling disabled office chairs as I’d like one to raise me to the standing position, but they are pricey and I need to try insitu, see what other issues it throws up. Then I could spend a lot more productive and play time at my computer rather than the iPad.

I’m slightly side tracked by sourcing a mobile beautician who can come and scrub the be-heck out of my tootsies, make them happy. 

Must dash – the late evening sun shine is across my feet causing my eyes to close and mind to wander.


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AWOL now back, more rejuvenated & rebellious 

Lol, my screw literally did fall out! I use a dining chair as a walking frame (the seat also acts as a carry shelf), the seat pad is screwed from beneath but recently one of the screws was unscrewing itself and I kept tightening it but a couple of weeks or so ago there was the sound of something hitting the floor, yes my screw fell out.

I’ve had a fabulously, relaxing, fun, couple of weeks as my BFF in the whole Universe came to play I mean stay.  Lazy mornings, tasty foods, evening DVD’s, selfish indulgence galore. An obligatory visit to the local yarn store (new crochet project in progress). Whilst there a flyer was spotted on the counter about a film being shown at the Library, as part of the community cinema. Sully, is a film we have both been wanting to see, so we trotted down the street and attended. It was an excellent film, I had to remind myself I was in public and not to growl at the personage I disliked. It was totally engrossing, thoroughly watchable and seeing it on a larger screen with surround sound added to the experience.  There is always one thing each visit that crumples us both into tearful laughter. This time it was our efforts to send her Dad a video of us singing happy birthday. The snag was keeping the thumb on the go button, it slipped and the looping short video made me look like I had a nervous tic, the dang app sent it so we had to type ignore that. Then inn the second attempt after explaining our error as we took a breath to sing, thumb shifted stopping the filming. We gave up and recorded a video and then sent that in messages. Her poor Dad must have wondered what on earth was going on! Still he and we all had a good hearty laugh.

All too soon she was packing for home, already counting down to her return (168 days).  We had jested that her cats might be happy to have her home, but also cold shoulder her for leaving in the first place, her cat Hunter came running as soon as he heard her voice and was rubbing himself round her legs, so pleased to have her home.

So, yes, a change is as good as a rest.  

Oh yes, I had a birthday in there too, lots of goodies and treats. Next year is an “0-heck” number, yikes!

Back to making working lists

  • Work on the web site
  • Carry on with crochet project
  • Try and keep things tidier
  • Research Greenwich trip
  • Clear and tidy desk + draws
  • Chase up Neuro Consultants Letter

That should do for now.


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I need a list … I need a desk project … I need a sofa project … I need to get myself and my days into some sort of organised routine rather than the “it’s late must get that done” apathy I have slipped into.  I like having a project, I like the feeling of getting it done and crossing it off and forgetting all about it. But as a housebound cripple these things quickly become time fillers, and the momentum is lost. 

So ….. The reminder app on the old iPad has been press ganged into action.

  • Re-catalogue Mac/pad photos
  • Back ups, time machine + general folders
  • Web work list, review all pages
  • Web work, rework all video pages
  • Finish the crochet shawl
  • Declutter desk draws thoroughly
  • Declutter bedside draw
  • Make BFF stay jobs list
  • Bra shopping *shudder*

Right then, that is the grand plan for the next nine weeks. 

Wonder what my reward should be … Hmm … 


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Check, check and check, mate


In a weeks time my BFF will be here for a few days respite, our days long extended girls pyjama party.  The list of things to do is finally shorter than the list of things done.  A few hiccups along the way [thank you Lord Sod and your side kick Major Murphy], this week has been a tad busy to get on top of everything leaving next week for those last minute emergencies that crop up.

  • old bed draws emptied ….. check √
  • new bed delivered ….. check √
  • new pillows fluffed ….. check √
  • new sheets ordered ….. check √
  • new vacuum procured ….. check √
  • new vacuum tested as functional ….. check √
  • Crisps, Doritos, cheese nibbles bought ….. check √
  • Doritos cheese dip only sold in Asda gotten ….. check √
  • Sweet nibbles [M&M’s, Maltessers, Reeces minis, Crunchie] ….. check √
  • Chunky chocolate chip cookies ….. check √
  • Dried foods, rice, pasta, packets mixes, branston ….. check √
  • menu for evening meals done ….. check √
  • Tesco shopping list listed ….. check √
  • Arrivals pick up sorted ….. check √
  • Audio books downloaded ….. check √
  • Books downloaded to pods, pads etc ….. check √
  • eyeliner remembered ….. check √
  • pop socks, tights bought ….. check √
  • new batteries bought ….. check √
  • new batteries put in camera ….. check √
  • griddle pan purchased ….. check √
  • microwave scrubbed out ….. check √
  • Smelly candle treat prepared ….. check √
  • laundry started ….. check √
  • Bedroom tidied after shifting everything ….. check √
  • Crochet pattern purchased and downloaded ….. check √
  • Desk draws sorted ….. check √

Collapse from nervous exhaustion scheduled in five ….. four ….. three ….. two ….. one ………………………..


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Coffee Sandwiches


You get a pretty good inkling that it is going to be one of those sorts of days when it takes four attempts to get stood up from the bed, it takes three attempts to put the trousers on the right way around and after making my turkey and Branston sandwiches as I was about to take my first great mouthful discovering that as I had waddled through to the desk my coffee had slopped onto the tray and been soaked up by the bread.  I don’t recommend this alternative addition to luncheon, it is an unpleasant texture and an equally unpleasant taste.

I considered making one of my lists things that need to be seen to, but there isn’t really that much

  • Sort Paperwork in Desk Draw
  • Resort iPad Photos
  • Crochet third and fourth coaster
  • Ravelry my baby crochet
  • Blog a review of a film or book

Just general sorts of tasks, although I do need to get on with finding a bed.  There are so few places locally where I can go, many of out of town places have close down and the nearest is some thirty mile away.  There are two local independent stores where I can go, but if none of them has the very specific height I require, I am going to be rather stumped.

As I am typing I am listening to Michael Caine read his second autobiography “The Elephant To Hollywood”. By coincidence I seem to be reading biographies, by chance after finishing Stephen Fry’s I come across Alan Cumming’s “Not My Father’s Son” and the twist that hooks you in from the title onwards has me gripped.  I recently finished listening to Danny Baker’s autobiography, that was an exceptional find, quite the character who stumbled through an extra ordinary period in our history, I heartily recommend it.

Right then, I’m about to organise all the baby photos and then I might amuse myself with a jigsaw game I have.

Happy Sunday 🙂


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My Spring has sprung a kink


Things have all been going on since I last reviewed my jobs list, so lets see if my C- of a while ago can be regraded.

  • Factory reset old Mac and contact recyclers
  • Wade through desk paperwork left over the past three weeks
  • Begin turf out sort of draws, cupboard, boxes etc [be ruthless]
  • Put Aberdeen photos and stories in the book
  • Find photo for new frame
  • WebSite update
  • Finish crochet shawl
  • Write the letters

The Mac has been taken to the recyclers who haggled but I settled for £50 just to be rid of the thing *tick*
Desk paperwork is sort of being kept on top of and put away more frequently *tick*
Turf Out has been completed [as per last post] poor recycling bin has never been so full *tick*
Photo Book – it is still on the desk, waiting for inspiration 😦
Photo has been found for the two frames and they’re standing on the dresser *tick*
Website has been updated. Done nothing with mine, but its not exactly necessary
Crochet shawl was already done by the last review
Letters are still waiting.

However, I have also

Booked the train tickets and wheelchair assistance for our London adventure
Bagged up all the delightful stuff for the carboot sale
Found the right Scalextric wheels and ordered new sets
Found leather necklace to hang pendant on looks fab]
Finished last tweaking in the family tree book

So, I think that all things considered, I recon I should get a B+ 

What’s next???

  • Get the photo book done
  • Write the letters
  • Redo my website [time consuming but not difficult]
  • Finish the cross-stitch design
  • Tidy up project box beside sofa
  • Get the books on Gumtree

The photo is from the beautiful birthday flowers my BFF sent me, that central rose is at least 3 inches in diameter, it is huge!


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The bed sheet started it


All this chaos, upheavel and rummaging through prized posessions waiting purpose [that’s political correct speak for junk], artefacts of unimaginable worth and irreplasible detirus all began with a single thought “I should get some new bed sheets”.

Sitting on my bed one evening thinking that the material was beginning to show signs of its age, I decided it was time to look for some new sheets. Hmm, my bed is a four foot job, brushed cotton/flannelette are not only awkward to find and have limited choice of colours, but are also twice the price of standard double sheets.  Okay, well the bed is getting on abit, maybe not as comfy or as supportive as I need, so let’s look into getting a new bed.

That means everything to the one side has to accommodate an extra six inches.  The gap between the bottom of the bed and the tall bookcase is narrow enough, it would be impassable with a new bed, so the bookcase needs chucking.  All three book cases needed going through to either bin, car boot or keep. 

Hence on Monday Big Sis armed with kitchen bin and plastic box set forth, cassette tapes, video tapes, books, letters, cards, photos and items on inconsequence were sorted through. Parked on the bed attempting to supervise, I discovered books I forgot I had, wanting to keep more, but when I waivered I got a ‘look’, it comes in the ‘mother’ package that many women utilise on everyone around them. I am sure most of us have been on the receiving end of such a look that shouts “Really!?!”, “Be Honest”, “What?” And “Why!” Which has a side emphasis of “I will overrule you”. Three bags into the black bin, at least two into the recycle bin; photo albums, travelling diaries and professional certificates were relocated to the front room dresser. My desk was covered in things to be sorted.  

It was rather pleasant and cathartic experience that has now expanded to the kitchen glory draw, my desk, and the cupboard beside it.

On Thursday BroInLaw will come and dismantle the tall bookcase, the two smaller (and thinner ones) will be shuffled across, the small bedside chest of draws can then be moved along, meaning the hunt is on for a new bed that meets my very specific needs (and budget),

and some new bed sheets which have a lot to answer for!


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Listery, listery, they’ve all gone listery!


Anyway – there are chores to be seen to, jobs requiring attention.

  • Factory reset old Mac and contact recyclers
  • Wade through desk paperwork left over the past three weeks
  • Begin turf out sort of draws, cupboard, boxes etc [be ruthless]
  • Put Aberdeen photos and stories in the book
  • Find photo for new frame
  • WebSite update
  • Finish crochet shawl
  • Write the letters

It was a good couple of months ago that I made my list of things to do, so how far have any gotten done.

MAC – Well it turned into a saga, the swiping it clear and boxing it up all went smoothly smooth, but the actual getting rid of hit a wall.  I was thinking of putting it on Gumtree and see if anyone wanted it but may have found a guy who can take it off my hands.

PAPERWORK – There is always paperwork, but all has been filed away and sorted, some weeded out and confidentially disposed of [BroInLaw’s bonfire]

TURF OUT – it started, then stopped but will begin again soon.  It is not the doing that is the problem, it is the getting rid bit that is always the problem.  Our ‘tip’ is miles away in the back of beyond, involving two bridges and through town traffic with its array of traffic lights and roundabouts and generalised impatience.  When you get there you are subjected to the Spanish inquisition as to what you have, is it yours, what is it made of, does it work and grudgingly they take it from you. Plans are in place to do some serious sorting of the bedroom, once the weather is better and items of quality can be got rid of at the car boot sale [it is almost cheaper going there than dealing with the tip!].

PHOTOS – Oops, they are still sitting here on the desk with the note book waiting to be started.  I need to work out which ones are going into the book and then stealthily remove some of the pages to allow for the thickness of the photos being stuck in.  Should have dine this months ago …. but … meh *shrug*

PHOTO FRAME – I knew the photo I was looking for but cannot find it! That was what kick started the sort out.  But as there is likely to be a new photo come the end of July to be displayed, the frame is in the draw, waiting patiently.

WEB – Well, yes, i have up-dated it, I have dealt with the blithering emails threatening me with all kinds of body re-arrangements and those grovelling to become my new bff [fans are hell!].  Undecided with my own site, about what to add or whether to just delete it.

CROCHET – The shawl has been finished, hung in the wardrobe and there it will stay until I chuck it in a charity bag.

LETTERS – I did write one, but the other two are still on my list to be done.

Bit of a C- ‘could do better’, ‘has allowed self to be too easily distracted’ report.

Meh … bite me!


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Plain Straight Truth

I am bored ….. that is the straight plain truth.

This morning I laid comfortably in my warm snug pit and mused, what to do, what to do, what to do …. I need something to do, something that I can do by myself, at home, at my own pace.  Sounds something simple to find, right? Wrong!  

You see said item has to have that thing about it that drives you to continue, has a reason, merit or purpose.  I could make another scarf but why when it will sit in a bag for decades or be haggled over for a couple of pound coins at the car boot sale, where as if someone arrived with yarn and said “Can you make this for me?” I’d would say yes, give me a couple of months [can only ‘do’ for 60/90 minutes a day before muscles give out].  I have long thought about some kind of on-line course, but again, why, when at the end of it, it leads to nothing more than hours filled, there is no reward or accomplishment.  I thought about becoming a better reviewer on Amazon and GoodReads with all the reading I do, but again, my mind flagged, the passion was not there to push forward.

In some ways I am missing the business I ran for years, I do not miss the stress nor the annoyances, but I do miss the organising, the working within deadlines, the getting things done -ness of it all.  Undoubtedly this is a symptom of my life, bodily I may be weak and unable but mentally I still crave the stimulation, the drive and the purpose – cruel things, diseases.  If someone came with a box of receipts and asked me to put them in date order, I would be in seventh heaven but I cannot be arsed to put my own bills in my own organised folder.

Anyway – there are chores to be seen to, jobs requiring attention.

  • Factory reset old Mac and contact recyclers
  • Wade through desk paperwork left over the past three weeks
  • Begin turf out sort of draws, cupboard, boxes etc [be ruthless]
  • Put Aberdeen photos and stories in the book
  • Find photo for new frame
  • WebSite update
  • Finish crochet shawl
  • Write the letters

Right, I must move, I have been sitting at this desk for too long and getting up is not a ‘succeed at first attempt’ option anymore.


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