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I’m not sure I can trust that last bit either…….

Tuesday is a case in point ….. I woke up thinking it was Thursday.  When chit chatting to BFF she remarked about something ‘a week tomorrow’ (meaning Wednesday) I remarked “Oh has it been moved to Thursday?” which would mean I thought that today was Wednesday, but my Sister is here for on a Wednesday never a Tuesday and she had not been here.  As the conversation continued and turned to the evenings culinary delights brain went ‘oh goodie fish fingers tonight’ which I have on Fridays and I knew I was having chicken curry because it was defrosting in the kitchen.  I give up!

A week tomorrow (Friday’s still follow Thursday’s, right? And today is still Thursday? Okay just checking) my BFF arrives for a couple of weeks. I haven’t finished the cot blanket nor untwizzelled the troll hat yarn.  I haven’t sorted additional groceries nor accumulated any good films (might have to do trawl through the charity shop). In truth I haven’t done much of anything. Although I have booked the carpet cleaner lady.  I’m fed up of feeling not myself, exhausted, energy less, heavy, weary and generally fatigued. It’s taken me all week to put this blog together.

*sniff-sniff* I know I’ve turned off the beef stew that’s been percolating on the hob, but now I am questioning whether I actually did!  I craved boiled eggs for lunch, so I must be ill. You see whenever as a child I was ill (be that with a cold, ear ache, stomach bug, chicken pox) my dear old Mum would stand beside my bed looking concerned saying “I don’t know what to make you for lunch, how about an egg (I groan), a boiled egg, (I groan), poached egg, (I shake my head), how about scrambled (I shake my head more) but fried won’t be nice for your tummy, I don’t know what to make” (how about toast, chicken soup in a mug) … I cannot face eggs when ill but usually ended up with a couple of boiled ones.  I had boiled eggs for lunch.

Now to get motivated into a book review, is “It was alright” descriptive enough, entice you to either read or avoid the title, thought not.

Brain is saying I need a pee, maybe that but is still working. 


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Salad eating is dangerous

It sits there, looking all innocent, colourful and organic. It’s refreshing crispness, matched by its wholesome flavours. Little does it warn that during the eating of, it will disguise you chomping down on your inner cheek, trapping your tongue between molars nor somehow managing to scratch your own gum!

Never have that problem with KFC, lol.


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Cravings ..


So, let me see, I am craving …..

  • Popcorn [thank you TV]
  • Cheese on toast [thank you TV]
  • Cheese on crackers
  • Malt Loaf with real butter
  • Crumpets with real butter
  • Subway Sandwich [thank you Tracey!]
  • Pickled gherkin
  • Cheesecake, blackcurrant or strawberry

Oh well, I’ll just have to imagine my pastrami sandwich is all of those things …


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Eyes to the Right!


Last Wednesday [yes, the day before the world went pouty mad] Big Sis, BIL and I got up early and headed to the train station, our destination, the big smoke, Londinium, the capitol … this years escapades involved a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament and a river cruise, plus dining at our now favourite place The Drift at Heron Tower.

We arrived without hitch or hold up and taxied to the Lord Entrance, past the growing floral tributes to the Late Jo Cox MP laid out on Parliament Square.  Through the ‘airport style security’ and into the hallowed grounds.  We had planned a light luncheon in the Jubilee Cafe and to get the bargain priced guide book from the shop (£5, thoroughly recommend) before perusing Westminster Hall in readiness for the tour to begin.

If you ever get the chance, grab it, I organised my tour through my MP’s office which meant it was free, but even at the ticket price of £25.50 is better value than some venues.  Our guide Phillip made the walk around engaging, enthralling and amusing, bringing in all his tourees to be seen as a person of history – I was a new MP experiencing first State Opening and no hope of heck getting into House of Lords to hear the Queens Speech and how I go about getting myself seen and heard [you have to put your prayer card in the holder at the seat you choose on the benches before morning prayers], the significance of ornament .  You learn of the assassination of Spencer Pervecal in 1815 at the hand of John Bellingham … which bits are victorian fake gold and which bits are stolen, well purloined, Welsh Gold …. the blue carpet and why the royals only tread in specific areas … the significance in the position of the Mace … how to become  Lord/Lady and sit at cross benches … anecdotes such as Henry VIII aged 9 rode his horse into Westminster Hall; the place where Thomas Moore [Man For All Seasons] was tried, where Charles I was tried by Cromwell … how the Palace was re-jiggered following the bombing in WWII that struck the Commons …. when it became a permanent home to Parliament [prior to this it followed the Monarch on progress or from Palace to Palace] … the politics of position and the Parliamentary Post Office …. we saw copies of Hansards and how it is produced … the Parliamentary voting system and how it is more foolproof than any paper or electronic system.

It had not clocked with me that as Parliament was in recess for the continued referendum campaigning, that we would be able to go into the Commons and Lords, bonus for us! After 90 minutes and utter entertainment, we wanted to go round again. I imagine you could do so with different guides and discover something different each time.

We sauntered across Westminster Bridge and to the London Eye, the embarkation point for our 40-minute trip and were boarded quickly. The ropes let go and the engines revved we sailed down to Tower Bridge, our commentator trying his hardest to name and fact various bridges and buildings.  It was over all too quickly, and we taxied back to Heron Tower for some super fabulous gorgeous tasty food {I have been lusting for their scotch egg on piccalilli since last year!


scotch egg with black pudding on piccalilli

Home and a bed by 11pm ….. 17 hours after leaving it, educated, entertained and exhausted.

Now to read the guide boo to remember all the things I forgot to mention here!


p.s.  Big Sis searched, she looked, she scrutinised but she didn’t find an upside down Union Flag *phew* LOL


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12-night sleep over


I am just about getting back to my usual routine after the visit with my BFF.  How quickly we fall into our ways together, turning my hovel into a grown-up slumber party.  It is such a change and welcome return to something so comfortable.

We watched loads of good stuff, documentaries, serials and films, like …..

  • Coal House [1927]
  • Coal House at War
  • The Edwardian House
  • Downton Abbey [almost to the end of series 3]
  • O Brother, where art thou?
  • Nell
  • Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken
  • Churchill’s Secret
  • Philomena
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

I am sure I have forgotten some.

We eat good food that we cook ourselves, which makes a welcome break from my usual stews [which I am already bored of].  BFF was finishing a ripple afghan in silver birch, I become the wool unwinder so she can crochet at blurring speed [skip2-11-3in1-repeat; I’m nearly reciting that in my sleep!].  I was starting a new project [blog to come] and wanted her guru teacher mind to help me get started.

We talk, laugh, watch youtube stuff, discuss politics, newsy stuff, talk cats and their antics.

All too soon there are discussions about flight times and pick up times, and things working their way back into a suitcase.  She’s coming back in 165 days, not that I am counting down.


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Condiment Conundrum


A conversation with my BigSis today.

BS- I have a dilemma about dinner

me- oh?

BS- well I’m having belly pork and that calls for brown sauce but I’m having peas and they demand ketchup

me- true, brown sauce on peas is not right

BS-there will be chips, and onions with mushrooms done in the micro

me- Oww they call for brown sauce

BS-but there are peas!

period of silent thinking

me-easy, don’t have the peas

BS- why didn’t I think of that! Sorted, no peas.

We tackle the heavy issues of everyday life.


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Check, check and check, mate


In a weeks time my BFF will be here for a few days respite, our days long extended girls pyjama party.  The list of things to do is finally shorter than the list of things done.  A few hiccups along the way [thank you Lord Sod and your side kick Major Murphy], this week has been a tad busy to get on top of everything leaving next week for those last minute emergencies that crop up.

  • old bed draws emptied ….. check √
  • new bed delivered ….. check √
  • new pillows fluffed ….. check √
  • new sheets ordered ….. check √
  • new vacuum procured ….. check √
  • new vacuum tested as functional ….. check √
  • Crisps, Doritos, cheese nibbles bought ….. check √
  • Doritos cheese dip only sold in Asda gotten ….. check √
  • Sweet nibbles [M&M’s, Maltessers, Reeces minis, Crunchie] ….. check √
  • Chunky chocolate chip cookies ….. check √
  • Dried foods, rice, pasta, packets mixes, branston ….. check √
  • menu for evening meals done ….. check √
  • Tesco shopping list listed ….. check √
  • Arrivals pick up sorted ….. check √
  • Audio books downloaded ….. check √
  • Books downloaded to pods, pads etc ….. check √
  • eyeliner remembered ….. check √
  • pop socks, tights bought ….. check √
  • new batteries bought ….. check √
  • new batteries put in camera ….. check √
  • griddle pan purchased ….. check √
  • microwave scrubbed out ….. check √
  • Smelly candle treat prepared ….. check √
  • laundry started ….. check √
  • Bedroom tidied after shifting everything ….. check √
  • Crochet pattern purchased and downloaded ….. check √
  • Desk draws sorted ….. check √

Collapse from nervous exhaustion scheduled in five ….. four ….. three ….. two ….. one ………………………..


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It’s gone all compost

What has happened to salad??  When did it go from a conflagration of slicing, dicing and dressing to garden clippings???

While out in the High Street, Big Sis and I trundled into Iceland for a few make-do essentials when I decided that I would have some prawns and salad for my dinner.  She grabbed a bag of salad produced by a nationally known brand name and off we went.  Later I undid the bag and tipped it into my dish, it did not look the appetising delight as imagined between the freezers but we make do.

Well, that is not all together what I thought.  My exact thoughts were it looks and tastes like roadside hedge trimmings.  My innards concurred and the cramping sent the alarm bells ringing and my digestive system accelerated the handling of these awful stalks and leaves.

Since when did ‘salad’ [as opposed to garnish] kick out the cucumber, the celery and the radish; when were the tomato, pepper and sweetcorn banished; as for the carrot, spring onion and beetroot when were they expelled from the ensemble.

Compensation of sorts tonight .. I am having my hair cut so Nephew, Niece [well neph’s wife but i’ll always see her as niece], the four-foot ninja and bump [there is another ninja currently in the oven] along with a bucket of KFC, the orgasmic gravy and fries – yes!!


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MoJo got Apathy


That fleeting period of energy that rolled up the sleeves and got stuck in has buggered orf, leaving those easy five minute jobs undone and ….. well …. they’re just undone.

I have been ‘street viewing’ around the Houses of Parliament for a suitable lunch nibble eatery for our June visit, not having much luck, only found a cafe nero 😦  It seems that everyone stands up and bevvies themselves in the bar and then if you’re able you stagger up impossible stairs to eat over priced nosh.

Tickets have been booked for The Nutcracker ballet in November.

A couple of strange sore spots have appeared on my right big toe, I do hope they are not chilblains.

The saga of getting a new lumbar brace is going on and on more than ariston ….. all I wanted to do was avoid an unnecessary appointment, pfft, shall not bother in future!  Short version is this, [in February] rang Orthotics and asked if I had to have an appointment, they said no, just a GP note will do; so I wrote out my cheque and popped it into the post. Telephoned GP left message, got called back that he needs to see me [why, he sin’t going to touch me, can he phone], made an appointment, spent 1 minute 30 in his room to say “Please write to Orthotics for a) new brace and b) refurbish existing brace. Ta auresvoir’.  Last week get an appointment from Orthotics for middle of May [?]. Rang Orthotics asked what the appointment is for, was told “to be measured”  by which time my cheque will be out of date and for the wrong amount.  Brace will take 4-6 weeks, my measurements are unchanged.  Four months and a lot of wasted time, effort and money, for something that should take 4 weeks.

4pm, I have cooked a stew, done one lot of dishes, second lot are soaking, written this blog and that is the sum total of my effort for today.


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I like fish, it is something I would like to eat more of, but other than a few rather straight uncomplicated bland recipes, plus its eternal expense, I do not often have some.  When I first met by BFF from across the pond she introduced me to “Tuna Fish” as a super tasty lunch-able delight, there are three ways in which it can be enjoyed; First we have the ‘proper posh’, then there is the ‘posh’, and lastly there is the ‘cheats’ version.

The first two have the same preparation steps.  You hard boil an egg or two [depending on quantity you want to end up with], deshell, slice and dice, add the drained can on tuna chunks, finely slice a spring onion, slice and dice a gherkin or cornichons, dribble in a splash on the vinegar, add a touch of dill and black pepper, a few tea spoons of mayonnaise and mix to a pate type consistency. Pop in the fridge to cool and settle.

Now Proper Posh is served on toasted bread with lettuce leaves, where as posh is just spread on bread.

Cheats version is to empty can of tune into a bowl, add a few tea spoons of tartar sauce and mix.

You get no prizes for guessing which version I have had for lunch today.

It reminds me of lazy sunny Sundays, crumbs in the bed, silly girl-talk and those halcyon days of contentment.  Did fait bring a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye.


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