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A Whole Year Already?!?!?


On the 25th May last year, this handsome cheeky fellow joined our clan.  Yesterday was his first birthday, I am sure someone stole a month or four from that year because it had whipped around too quickly.

He had an exhausting day, toys from his Mummy and Daddy in the morning, then off to the zoo to see all the weird and wonderful animals, to people watch and of course be the cool dude he is.  Home for more visitors and they bought gifts too!!  So much going on he didn’t nap.

What a face

Birthday party tomorrow .. the jelly and ice cream could be flying!!


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A Darling Lady


Last Sunday all six of us were invited to Miss Wright’s 90th birthday bash at the Village Hall in the village where she has lived her entire life.  Her actual birthday was Valentine’s Day but the ‘do’ was diarised for last weekend.

How come we were invited?  Well the tale goes back rather many decades now.  Probably as far back as when the family moved from Coventry to the coast.  My Mum was a church goer, and shortly after moving in she duly took herself off to the nearest church.  It is a quaint curious church, front section of pews obviously for the landed gentry with the ornate carvings and little pew doors, further back the bland bench-like pews for the servants, employees and oiks of the parish to do their bidding.  Well in the 1960’s, it would seem some changes had not reached this sleepy backwater and Mother was turfed out of the pew she selected because “So-and-so sits there you know”.  Mother left embarrassed and disgusted, come the following week she sheepishly ventured to the nearest church in the other direction, selected a pew near the back, not far from the old organ.  I think the organist [Miss Wright] was surprised to have anyone seated that far back and after the service they struck up a conversation.  Thus a passing acuaintanceship was born.

A number of years later when I was banging about on the piano at home I was threatened with “Learn to play it or it goes”.  A piano teacher was sort and that was Miss Wright and for the following fifteen years, each week I had my one hour lesson, which progressed through RSM examinations in both theory and practical, competitions and recitals.  Not long after starting lessons Miss Wright thought it would be nice to start a little childrens choir for the church and a rehearsal venue was required, our house, it had the piano [thanks Mum!].  Through out the 1970’s and best part of the 80’s there were twice yearly ‘outings’ for the choir, parents and other cajolees, off to the Pantomime, Thursford, Norwich, Snape etc.

Miss Wright would organise her students to peform recitals at Somerleyton Hall, I still remember being the one to play the National Anthem -shudder- and the wave of applause after I played Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.  There were also the summer garden party held at her house and gardens, where we would perform a party piece, one year I was a twenties flapper girl, another I was a Victorian lady who “Dillied and dallied”.  I remember making a top hat for one year, cannot remember what for but it made an excellent waste paper basket for decades.

Miss Wright was frequently a sunday dinner guest at our house and we would visit her and her parents.  So many marks of my life have included Miss Wright.  She was invited to my nephews wedding and still, once a year, she takes us all out for a Sunday carvery.

Anyway, back to the party.  As with most village halls, even recently built ones, they are always a bit of a squash.  I think there were about fifty people there and once seated, no one could move, which curtailed the mingling and chatting somewhat.  There was a deliscious light buffet, other friends of Miss Wright sang folk songs and old songs that were easy to join in.

Myleen 6:5:2012

The rug rat known as ‘Tyler’ my little great-nephew has just discovered the excitement of walking, but in a squashed room, walking, crawling and generally getting about was not on his menu, but you’d be surprised how much fun can be drived from a couple of napkins, a paper table cloth, a few table top toys, a Granddad, Nana, Mum, Dad and “taunty” [me].  He was a doll!  Even took a snooze on Nana’s lap and devoured the cheese sticks and egg from Granddad’s plate.  For an event we did not really know what to make of, nor know how the 11-month old get-about would take it, it was a fun few hours.

Myleene, oh yes, my nephew went to High School with her and Miss Wright was her piano teacher until she went to music school.


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Working Backwards .. part 2


Where was I .. oh yes last weeks visitor.  It was great to spend the time together, chatting, stitching and dvd watching.

The week before that I had a rotten head cold.  I hate having a cold.  As my Muscular Dystrophy affects so many muscles, I cannot blow my nose successfully  and my lungs and diaphragm are not so strong so coughing is not so good either.  I have always had troubles when I get a cold, my mucus gets thick and super sticky [could rival wallpaper paste] and I frequently end up on strong antibiotics, decongestants and nasal sprays.  Ugg, or as someone might say uggo.  I also become incredibly anti social, I also get irritable – I know hard to conceive init.  I loose my appetite and just seem to get bogged down with it.

I dosed myself up, double dosed sometimes, with remedies and sweeties and room infusers, luckily this time it did not settle anywhere or thicken and after a week it buggered off, but lingered in my ear canals just to let me know it was doing me a great favour and could stick around if it wanted to.  I tried that new menthol lemon beechams hot drink gunk … let me tell you, let me advise you, never ever, no matter how ill or how dulled your senses are breath-in anywhere near the mug!  It is the vilest, most disgusting, utterly indigestible stuff known to man, which makes it highly effective in medical terms, lol.

Which takes us back to the new year, I do not like new year.  I just feel like everyone is waiting around for the clock to strike 12 so we can all go to bed which is really what we wanted to do hours before.  This year I think I may have got to the root of my malaise over this change.  People in general look forward to a new year, they decide to make changes, quit a habit, eat healthier or get fitter, change job or are just looking forward to what is planned, such as a vacation.  But for me, I just wonder what I will loose in the coming year, the ability to stand, to hold my own weight, to maintain bladder control, what changes will my condition enforce upon my existence.

Christmas .. now that is a different kettle of satsumas … I am at my sisters for days, we chat, eat, relax, plan, play games, laugh and just be.  This year was Tyler’s first and he was adorable!  Bless him, he had a chesty cough, we think his teethes are starting.  He squealed at the inflatable christmas decorations [we got them so he could handle them and not the other decs], he grizzled at his Daddy for starting the unwrapping, he bounced and crawled off in his cute Santa suit.  He was head of the table for dinner and merrily munch on his veg and shred ‘granddads’ trifle an ice-cream [poor granddad so used to having it all to himself, lol].  Eventually I was brought home on the Tuesday, it took me  few days to get back into being in an at home mind set.  Must get working on the christmas video and snaps I took – another things, one of dozens, on the to-do list.


Damn that boy it just too cute!!!


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The Storks gps failed


Finally after making us all wait an extra two weeks and putting his mummy through a long and tiring labour Tyler James made his entrance at 4.09am Wednesday May 25th 2011 at 7lb 14oz.

Isn’t he just the most handsome little bundle, pictured just over an hour old, bright eyed and wondering.

Went for a quick visit today, he was in his Dad’s arms quite contented [both of em, lol]. Mum looked a little tired, well you would going 40 hours without sleep, lol.


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Waiting on Baby



Baby Bell is due around the 10th of the month

We are in the waiting game.

Just waiting.

Boy or Girl.

Early or Late.

Waiting waiting waiting.

Stork must have forgotten to update the gps.


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