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Coffee Trouble

If there is something I look forward to each day, it is that first sip of hot stimulating slightly steaming coffee. It has a significant psychological effect, it wakes the mind, marks the start, warms the body, improves the mood.

There are days where that first brew is delayed, now I’m not a sour grouch without my coffee, but I do miss that piece of routine. The late cup is still felt the same, but the second never does quite.

My BFF is coming to play stay for a few days. I’ve been putting together our menu and having a minor panic that the light mayo was not included in the grocery delivery and whether to get another can of new potatoes. We all do these things, as a guest I would be saying “Don’t worry, don’t go to any great trouble”, as a host my mind is going “I need to sort this, get that, prepare for, etc”.  Tomorrow morning Big Sis and I will get her from the airport (okay, well we are detouring for a MacD’s breakfast, that’s still cheaper than airport parking), none of us can wait.

I’m starting a new crochet project, something I’ve never tackled before, I’m in the mixed place of excited but also nervous it will not turn out right. The pattern is blog instructions so not exactly specific, there is a degree of winging it. My BFF is my crochet guru, so I am hoping between us we can sort it. 

I’ve started a second blog, back in my old days of BCUK there was a group that I was a member of and with the site closing down we missed each other, that sense of community interaction, so a website has been created and we are trying our best to revive that fun. Mind you that does sort of depend on my remembering the password, lol.


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This is it!


Well, fingers crossed folks, today is the day, the blog and the main site go “live” .. woo hoo. Proof if ever it were needed that the web is a dangerous thing put in the hand of amateurs, lol.

Next area of intense hair pulling will be some photo albums. Photos to source, scan, edit, enhance, resize and then decide not to include. Hahaha.

Scary ……………


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