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Must not peak

Not only that but I also ordered one Christmas gift, started a list of ideas what to get others and thought about what I might like.

I also got two of the number rounds on Countdown and a teatime teaser right.

Must not peak too soon, that’s enough for now.

Maybe more tomorrow.

EDIT :: Make that three numbers rounds and the conundrum


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Champoo & Cigars all round


I’m a Great Aunt [again] .. well I’m an abso-blooming-lutely fantastic one we all know that!  Let’s do this right and proper like.

“Her amazing greatness my Niece [in-law] has been safely delivered of a baby girl”

Daisy Marie made her arrival in the early hours yesterday to become little sister to the four foot ninja.  This evens up the ratio a little, although as I have often joked, by the time she is fourteen with her fake nails and hair extensions, looking stunningly beautiful she will be able to strip an engine and discuss the merits of torque, in short a girly girl petrol head – and quite probably the boss.

Super big congrats to Nephew, Niece, four-foot ninja, [and Rizzi the cat] … let the pandemonium begin!


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Hot Water Follies


Let me set the environment – living in a terrace there are only windows at the front [my lounge] and at the back [kitchen and bedroom], sandwiched between those rooms are my bathroom, the inner hall and the cupboard with the water tanks in, this area has no natural light coming from anywhere unless the other rooms doors are open.  As it is just me here, I often do not bother with putting lights on, or it will just be the hall light, I rarely close my bathroom door.

The other day I was shuffling through my hallway and felt warmth under my foot – not unusual, it is where the hot water pipe is heading towards the kitchen/bathroom, after washing my hair/bod, or the dishes I regularly feel the warmth there..  I felt it again the next morning and it struck me, hang on self, you’ve just got up, no tap has been turned on, there should be no hot water flowing through the pipe to warm the carpet …. oh bugger ….. does this mean I have a leak?

Thoughts were overtaken by my tooth disaster [more in next blog], but every time I travelled through the hallway my toes felt the warmth from the pipe.  I lay in bed thinking, right need to phone a plumber, but where is it leaking, nothing in the kitchen is damp, the bathroom is a wetroom and everything is sealed.  I have visions of the nightmare as my hovel was ripped apart, flooring, tiling, walls exposed and broken through to find where the offending drip was dripping.  I could not hear any dripping or gushing in the tanks so it was a slow continual silent trickle.

A sighed, preparing myself for a serious financial hit, well another financial hit [just heard about the dentist bill].

Turning the light on in the bathroom, had a wee, tidied up, got my chair positioned to get up with I had shuffled on the bathroom stool.  Sat on the stool facing the sink, put the plug in the hole, turned and grabbed my hairbrush in preparation for washing my hair and noticed that there was water accumulating in the basin but no tap has been touched.

Then I saw it, the silent drip drip drip drip drip drip from the hot water tap.  I placed my extended digit at the swing arm and pushed it all of 2 millimetres and the drip drip drip drip stopped.  This was the leak.  Why had I not noticed it at any other time!  Well you see I cannot stand at the sink and wash my hands, and reaching from the loo is not good either because well wet hands, damp hands do not aid the getting stood up. I use hand gels and wet wipes. The semi darkness had not caught my peripheral vision and because it was silent it did not alert my ears.

  What a plonker!


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The Capital Capitulated


I didn’t stop traffic this time, well I did but it was at the alloted crossing and when the button has been pressed and the green man was telling me it was safe to go. [Tales of that story can be found “I Stop Traffic”]  We did have a fun fab time, despite the last minute panics and frustrations.

Departingfrom a chilly station at 7.32am was a shock to my lazed system, we were met by the handy chap with the wheelchair ramp and put on the London train [first class, standard prices, that is were the disabled seats are].  Arrived about 5 minutes late, grabbed our lunchy buns and discovered that lift one was out of action, asked a policeman where lift two was hiding [round the corner where he was standing, typical] – ramped into the taxi and “Westminster Abbey please mate” – there is always something rather cosmo/metro-politan about jumping in a London Hackney and saying where you want to go :D. 

He dropped us off by the West Door and after doing the typical mouth agog, eyes wide tourist thing as this vision from the television is right there before your eyes, we processed our way to the North Door.  Jumping the que [sorry folks, they just opened the barrier and let me through]. Inside we were given our complimentary audio tour devices read by the smooth voiced Jeremy Irons. Beautiful building, and standing at the icon toomb of the unknown soldier was quite tinglng. So any notable names and decoration and so many strangers, makes you wonder why they were allowed to be commemorated/buried there [enough money I suppose].  After leaving the Abbey we took a look around Parliament Square and at the statues, Mandella, Ghandi, Churchill efore crossing the bridge to the Eye.

We sat and ate our lunch watching the world go by and the Eye go round.  We then went to the SeaLife Aquarium.  It is a lovely place to visit, to many enormous tanks with larger specimens in them, the turtles were huge and the sharks are always a draw.  The penguins were fun, they were playing follow the finger through the glass, so bird like when you see them up close.  We treated ourselvs to the book that includes four photos taken of you against the green screen.  I have the keyring and magnet and my Sister has the book for the four-foot ninja to look at.  We taxi-d back to Heron Tower where I had booked a table at The Drift which served fab food before getting back to the train for the 7.30pm return train.  Fell into bed just after 10.50pm, ready to be still and quiet.

ext years trip is already being planned – visit the Houses of Parliament [assuming it is still standing], then across the river for a guided cruise and a whizz around the Eye.



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My swingometer is stuck


Yeap, that is me, I say to myself as I am reclined under that duvet of tinted bliss that today I shall …… and of course the probability of it actually happening is minimal.  Yes today I am going to blog … maybe about [think-think-think] the light bulb faintly flickers and goes out.

So what has been going on … let me see if I can bring you all up to speed.

LONDON TRIP – The strike was cancelled *woohoo*  but I boobed with Parliamentary tours, not realising the House of still ‘Sitting’   when were we going to go!!  Went went to Westminster Abbey instead …. I will write more about our day once I have retrieved my camera from Big Sis’s coat pocket [my purse is in her other pocket, oops].

4FOOT NINJA’S BIRTHDAY – Great-Nephew had his fourth birthday and Lord Murphy and Sergeant Sod bestowed a healthy dose of chicken pox upon him.  Poor lamb, he was covered in spots, all in his hair and all over his body.  Fortunately with the weather being fairly warm during the day wearing loose fitting t-shirt and shorts was not so bad but at night, despite no clothes and just a sheet he could get no sleep [nor could Mum & Dad] the helpful Pharmacist advised Piriton at night, it eases the itching and more importantly conked him out.  Despite that he had a good day, open house affair, so it lasts the whole day rather than an overwhelming descending of the hoards.  He still looks older, his height and so forth puts him at five nearly six.  He’s all fine now, infact he is creating chaos [with help from his Dad, Mum is trying to keep them both in order] at Butlin’s this week with his cousins and Aunt & Uncle.

TOOTHY STRIFE – Last Sunday my left front tooth cracked.  It cracked and crunched so loudly I thought the whole thing was about to fall out! Decamped ourselves at the Dentist [top of my road] for help … X-ray showed something not that common, the tooth has eaten itself from the inside out!, the end thirds show nothing but the middle third is all hollow and only the enamel has been holding the tooth together, but that has now cracked at the gum and bone.  It has to come out, false tooth denture to be made  not sure how I feel about that, not mentally ready for this kind of change. How am I going to manage the item and what is involved.  Added issue that Dentist is on holiday from Tuesday, hoping with fair winds that she can do the necessaries on Monday.  I am nursing it along carefully.  I am nervous, anxious, and so forth about the extraction, the pain [please paracetamol or ibuprofen are as much use as smarties], the healing, the falsey, the managing to eat, drink, spit, swill etc.  Plus I cannot show this because Big Sis [only one who can take me and lift me about] is highly, very, uber dental phobic, so I am brave facing like mad!  But well, it is what it is and well what happens happens, I am trying to be philosophical but come the day …….

Lunchtime beckons …..


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The old swing-o-meter of patience under control is swinging dangerously towards the nuclear stratospheric blasting …….

The long-awaited, much-planned, excitedly-saved for trip to London has a Poe-like axe pendulum or possibly the sword of Damaclese hanging over it ….. there is a forty-eight hour strike planned by the RMT due that day.  I have telephoned to see what my position is and as yet the strike is not comfirmed-confirmded it is only probably-confirmed, until it is confirmed-confirmed then I cannot be refunded or have my travel re-arranged.  Travel aint all that easy for me, not only do I have to book ages in advance, I also have to book the wheelchair assistance and the wheelchair space.  Also, on manic days, ‘stuff’ gets dumped in the wheelhair space and thanks to recent test cases, I nor the train peeps can make people shift their crap off of my seat as it were.  I have before now been abandoned beside the toilet door [delightful].

My internet connection keeps going ‘poof’.  The only thing that has changed in the last six months since switching to Sky, is the date.  Yet regularly my connection will sudenly drop and will return between seconds and hours later.  I have turned everything off, reconnected everything and tried again, no change.  I have replaced the filter box widget that is supposed to make a difference, it didn’t. 

The blog has been spam attacked.  I reported the user, by hitting the ‘inappropriate’ button and also sending an email to customer support [ha!] of course it will not make the slightest bit of difference.

The slugs are invading.  Like the annual Mods weekend and the Rockers convention, come the end of May trails appear around the washing machine as the slugs pop into my kitchen.  It started when I had my backdoor replaced.  Annoyingly we cannot see where they are getting in, possibly through the door seals.  They wander half way down the kitchen and wander back again. What attracts them??

What else, what else … the weather, we are approaching June and the weather has arrived in April.

Oh well ….. another coffee I think.


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Earth Day


Sums it up really


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MoJo got Apathy


That fleeting period of energy that rolled up the sleeves and got stuck in has buggered orf, leaving those easy five minute jobs undone and ….. well …. they’re just undone.

I have been ‘street viewing’ around the Houses of Parliament for a suitable lunch nibble eatery for our June visit, not having much luck, only found a cafe nero 😦  It seems that everyone stands up and bevvies themselves in the bar and then if you’re able you stagger up impossible stairs to eat over priced nosh.

Tickets have been booked for The Nutcracker ballet in November.

A couple of strange sore spots have appeared on my right big toe, I do hope they are not chilblains.

The saga of getting a new lumbar brace is going on and on more than ariston ….. all I wanted to do was avoid an unnecessary appointment, pfft, shall not bother in future!  Short version is this, [in February] rang Orthotics and asked if I had to have an appointment, they said no, just a GP note will do; so I wrote out my cheque and popped it into the post. Telephoned GP left message, got called back that he needs to see me [why, he sin’t going to touch me, can he phone], made an appointment, spent 1 minute 30 in his room to say “Please write to Orthotics for a) new brace and b) refurbish existing brace. Ta auresvoir’.  Last week get an appointment from Orthotics for middle of May [?]. Rang Orthotics asked what the appointment is for, was told “to be measured”  by which time my cheque will be out of date and for the wrong amount.  Brace will take 4-6 weeks, my measurements are unchanged.  Four months and a lot of wasted time, effort and money, for something that should take 4 weeks.

4pm, I have cooked a stew, done one lot of dishes, second lot are soaking, written this blog and that is the sum total of my effort for today.


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The Kitchens Have It!


When a General Election comes around the masses of Joe Public are forced to consider where to place their all-powerful X. It is often a difficult process, so much to consider, the pros and cons of taxation, health, education, defence, immigration, economics, etc, all these complicated intertwined aspects that want to affect the change in our pockets.

This time, however, our wonderous helpful press have whittled through it all and found a way to help us weary voters decide.  The kitchen, the hub of the home and now the heart of government. So the kitchens will decide who I shall vote for.

Farrage is out, I doubt he even knows where the kitchen is unless his has a beer fridge.
the Green Party, are kitchen within their green ways?
Clegg is out, he always seems to be in some one else’s kitchen.
Milliband is out, well who can trust someone who slurps his morning tea from a bland striped mug!
Cameron … Hmm … We’ve been treated to two and in both I’ve seen a foot stuff that is the same brand as something I like. We share the same affection for mayonnaise … That’s where I will confidently strike my cross.

Of course folks, this whole post is pure annoyed sarcasm. Our media has turned everything into such celebutard mockery, all desperately trying to engraciate themselves to everyone, offend no-one, commit to nothing and covert affection rather than explain and sell hard truths.

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Older no wiser


Monday was my birthday.  I used to celebrate the anniversaries of my twenty-first, until the anniversaries out numbered the twenty-one, lol.  

When my Sister and I were going through the chuck out and sort episode I came across a brthday card she had sent me a good few many years ago, lol.  The loveable sarcastic quips she had added to the card made us laugh.  See what I have to tolerate from my family, insanity does not run through, it takes a seat and stays for tea! LOL.

We’ve done some daft, affectionate things down the years to celebrate milestones and occasions.  Managed to make her cry once *smug* for which she still has not forgiven me [I filed a box with cards from people who attended their wedding, as a silver anniversary gift].  My Mum always loved her birthday, because it was her day, as she came from a gagle of seven any other occasion was chaos.


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