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Dark December Days

Dark December days

Leeching life’s lustre 

Morphing melancholic moods

Damp drizzle descends
Languid leaves loam

Freezing frosts form

Dreck drizzle drops

Sleet slams skin

Mental motivation missing

Damp decay deforms

Winds whip wildly

Endless echoes emanate 

December drags deeper


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The Cost Of Investing Hope


I am pondering….. contemplating….. wondering….. considering…..

You see, this all hinges on at what point do you resign yourself to the not possible and suffer the mild case of disappointment and despondency versus the okay lets seriously plan out and cost doing, to then have it fall at a hurdle that you cannot overcome but cause and suffer greater despondency, disappointment and depression; because the probability of this coming off is slim but if it does, well, its an experience to dine out on for eons.

This is going to sound vague but, there is a mild possibility of an event a few hundred miles away which if asked I would jump to attend.  It will involve train1, train2, mad dash in taxi across city, train3, taxi to overnight accommodation, taxi to and from event, taxi to train station, train 4, mad dash across city, train5, train6, get home, collapse from exhaustion.  It will involve a degree of hanging about and rather more standing about [well not for me obvs I’m in my chariot but pusher would be standing about].

Now, if I was an able bodied Joe, even if one that has to avoid steps and stairs, there would be no issue. I’d be on my way, even if it was relatively last minute.  But I’m a crip in a chariot, who needs a carer, and to book the one and only wheelchair seat on six specific trains, to find wheelchair accessible taxi’s and wheelchair accommodating accommodation, as well as clarify venue’s facilities for wheelies, etc, etc.

Still, it is all rather hypothetical at present, but this is what deteriorating conditions do to you. Something you did not ask for, do anything to get, slowly takes away all options, skills, desires, dreams and renders you sarcastic, bitter, annoyed, pitiful, selfish, and many other such words all covered with a mask of humour and a smile.

Going would cause strain, discomfort and heaps of anxiety but the gain of the experience would outweigh that, but the potential pain caused by the collapse of the dream would be reasonably significant and there would be no gain, no compensation no alternative to offset it.

This post is not about going or getting there, it is not about me and how I cope, it is about at what point do you just have to learn to live with the fact that some dreams will come with a nightmare attached. To avoid the nightmare let go of the dream.

I feel a “Violet Elizabeth” type tantrum in the air ………


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#TBT my best book review ever

Re-posting the best review I think I have ever written, lol.

I read one of my christmas present books yesterday. I settled on the sofa all cosy and warm and started on page one and found this gripping tale an utter page turner and before I knew it, without the need for a pee break, coffee or any other distraction I had completed it! I set about doing other mundane things and found myself recalling passages and wondering if I had remembered it correctly and gave in and read it again .. from cover to cover.  This is a first, never have I been so compelled by the written word.  Without wanting to give too much away it is a gripping yarn about persistence and persuasion when met with resistance and denial. I imagine one could also see it as the stubborn not wanting to try something new or adventurous, or equally as the exuberant fleeing the convention of old to define their own path. The ideas and possibilities that float across the pages were sometimes plausible and sometimes fanciful, but always presented with sincere grace.  The plot twist at the end is a lesson to us all … you never know until you try.  It is a multi award winning book, and rightly so.  I cannot recommend it enough. Ladies and Gentlemen I give to you ………  green-eggs-and-ham

This is the book that as a child I crazed and crazed and apparently crazed everyone and anyone to read to me over and over again and again – I think now there is a toddler in the family someone has been plotting some cold revenge

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Taking up a new exercise regime

In these enlightened times we strive to be healthier in our minds, our diets, and our bodies. With this in mind, here is my new daily fitness regime. It takes dedication to stay this svelte.

I exercise caution …

Then let me imagination run …

Do a few squats, diddly ones …

But am careful not to jump to a conclusion …

Moderation in all things and all that.



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Must not peak

Not only that but I also ordered one Christmas gift, started a list of ideas what to get others and thought about what I might like.

I also got two of the number rounds on Countdown and a teatime teaser right.

Must not peak too soon, that’s enough for now.

Maybe more tomorrow.

EDIT :: Make that three numbers rounds and the conundrum


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Champoo & Cigars all round


I’m a Great Aunt [again] .. well I’m an abso-blooming-lutely fantastic one we all know that!  Let’s do this right and proper like.

“Her amazing greatness my Niece [in-law] has been safely delivered of a baby girl”

Daisy Marie made her arrival in the early hours yesterday to become little sister to the four foot ninja.  This evens up the ratio a little, although as I have often joked, by the time she is fourteen with her fake nails and hair extensions, looking stunningly beautiful she will be able to strip an engine and discuss the merits of torque, in short a girly girl petrol head – and quite probably the boss.

Super big congrats to Nephew, Niece, four-foot ninja, [and Rizzi the cat] … let the pandemonium begin!


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Hot Water Follies


Let me set the environment – living in a terrace there are only windows at the front [my lounge] and at the back [kitchen and bedroom], sandwiched between those rooms are my bathroom, the inner hall and the cupboard with the water tanks in, this area has no natural light coming from anywhere unless the other rooms doors are open.  As it is just me here, I often do not bother with putting lights on, or it will just be the hall light, I rarely close my bathroom door.

The other day I was shuffling through my hallway and felt warmth under my foot – not unusual, it is where the hot water pipe is heading towards the kitchen/bathroom, after washing my hair/bod, or the dishes I regularly feel the warmth there..  I felt it again the next morning and it struck me, hang on self, you’ve just got up, no tap has been turned on, there should be no hot water flowing through the pipe to warm the carpet …. oh bugger ….. does this mean I have a leak?

Thoughts were overtaken by my tooth disaster [more in next blog], but every time I travelled through the hallway my toes felt the warmth from the pipe.  I lay in bed thinking, right need to phone a plumber, but where is it leaking, nothing in the kitchen is damp, the bathroom is a wetroom and everything is sealed.  I have visions of the nightmare as my hovel was ripped apart, flooring, tiling, walls exposed and broken through to find where the offending drip was dripping.  I could not hear any dripping or gushing in the tanks so it was a slow continual silent trickle.

A sighed, preparing myself for a serious financial hit, well another financial hit [just heard about the dentist bill].

Turning the light on in the bathroom, had a wee, tidied up, got my chair positioned to get up with I had shuffled on the bathroom stool.  Sat on the stool facing the sink, put the plug in the hole, turned and grabbed my hairbrush in preparation for washing my hair and noticed that there was water accumulating in the basin but no tap has been touched.

Then I saw it, the silent drip drip drip drip drip drip from the hot water tap.  I placed my extended digit at the swing arm and pushed it all of 2 millimetres and the drip drip drip drip stopped.  This was the leak.  Why had I not noticed it at any other time!  Well you see I cannot stand at the sink and wash my hands, and reaching from the loo is not good either because well wet hands, damp hands do not aid the getting stood up. I use hand gels and wet wipes. The semi darkness had not caught my peripheral vision and because it was silent it did not alert my ears.

  What a plonker!


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