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I Got Da Bluuuuues

When ever my BFF and I have to say bye-bye there is always a lump in my throat, but this time there was significant eye leakage, several sobs and yes a couple of stomach gripping knots as the taxi turned right out of my street taking her to the airport and home to hubby, daughter and two ginger cats.

It’s impossible to put my finger exactly on why, it’s part history, part friendship, part closeness, part loss, part safety, part encouragement, part silliness, and a whole heap of, it’s just fun to be together.

So what wild shenanigans did we get up to…….. well, you might not believe it, it could possibly shock some, but, well, none.  Just chatting, watching films, finding all kinds of things on the Internet,  eating good treat food, doing some stitching, relaxing, taking a walk to the beach, shopping for treats; just being removed from our expected usual everyday.

Highlight – Lazing in bed, not quite asleep when BFF remarked “What the…..oh it’s you!”  You need a little backstory here.

A neighbourhood cat has taken to sitting on my recycling bin which is just outside my back door. He peers in, looking curious, has wandered into the kitchen when the door was open. BFF opened the kitchen window and he strolled in and discovered two suckers for head rubs, chin scratches and ham, chicken and dreamies.  If the window was left open he’d just stroll in and say hello, not in a hurry to leave.  Over a day or two of repeated visits (BFF is such a softie) little encouragement was needed. He’s been nicknamed Mickey because he’s white with a black tail and black ears.  One night it was rather warm so BFF opened my bedroom window slightly, maybe four or so inches, the curtains were slightly gaped, we comfortably resettled to sleep.  Cheeky Mickey got brave from the bin top and mastered the narrow, tilted, slippery windowsill, squeezed through the gap, avoided the bits and bobs on the windowsill as well as the bookcase, jumped to the floor and neither of us heard anything until he jumped on the bed and walked up BFF!  Lol, cheeky, little devil.

We were productive, I’ve ‘almost’ finished the cot blanket, and already started a second (naughty me, should finish one before starting another), BFF knitted a couple of hats and booties for the doll. Yes, Mickey helped with the wool tension on the big ripple afghan.

Now it’s time to get back to the normal everyday, not as much fun, not as much company and not such enticing food. Familiar aches are returning. Time to reset the countdown app for her return in March. 


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Operation Cosy Cats

I’ve started a new project. Something to make purposeful use of my yarn stash of double-knit yarn.  Cats Protection are asking for knitted or crocheted blankets sizing 12×18 inches for the homeless kitties to use and take with them to their forever home.  That’s a size I can handle. So I have begun this elongated granny square using two strands of different coloured dk yarn (khaki and meadow) hopefully I will reach the required size before the 200g balls come to an end but if they do I can always edge in black.  My midnight brain is already creating other alternative patterns to try with my stash. There is a fabulous yarn shop near me and they often have sales of odd balls, I could make use of those without much financial outlay.  It’s giving me a lovely feeling of philanthropic warmth.

So my aim is to try and finish a blanket every two months and have four finished by Christmas. 


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As I finished the wrapping and sat back watching a festive film my mind wandered to festivities past, the elements and people missing, a list which seems to be ever growing.

Listening to The Big Sing on tv put my Dad in mind, he loved traditional carols, he had been taught to play the organ so any music involving a ‘proper’ organ caught his joy. My Mum always did her baking Christmas Eve because she lost both her parents on that day thirteen years apart, I never knew this for decades, I only knew to keep clear of the kitchen.  I remember my Sister’s Mother-in-law sitting on the sofa doing the Telegraph crossword, her bright rosy round face hinting as her mischievous thoughts (aided by the sherry).  Then there is the dog, loosing him on Christmas Day was the hardest ever, he is still so strong in our minds, his antic of nosing the presents, sitting beneath the table waiting for the extras to come his way. His patience at the advent calendar, he loved it all.  Warm memories edged with a tear.

I’m missing a couple of friends this year and I am thinking of their families facing the first without them. It’s not bad thing to remember that through all the twinkle and tinsel of the season, it’s not like that at everyone’s table.

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Mouse Almighty


Missed me?  I bet you didn’t even realise I was gone :p For the past dozen ish days my BFF has been to take care of, play, stay with me – it quickly becomes one long pj party, staying awake till the wee wee hours chatting and reminiscing, eating good fun food when hungry with a few treats nibbles and junk, putting the world to rights when its stupidity comes to the fore, watching good old movies on the tv, chilling and relaxing and all that good stuff.  Her daughter [BFF Jnr] couldn’t visit as she had work [boo] but we had fun none the less.

Sitting comfy on the sofa one day, minding our own beeswax, BFF knitting as she had finished the crochet blanket [we know how to party hard] her phone vibrates and there is a message from BFF Jnr, and it is this “OMG!” ….. well this can be anything from there is no milk or there a spider in my room to ww3 apocalyptic disaster.  Her next missive adds some info “Look at what Harold has done”.  Harold is one of the two adorable ginger three-month old kittens they have homed.  The picture above comes into view.

“What!!” exclaims BFF

“There’s a mouse in my house??”  [well yeah but not a live one by the looks]

“How did it get in the kitchen!!”

BFF Jnr adds “He won’t let me take it away from him, he growls and holds it harder”

All sorts are going through our minds, how did it get in, is it alone or is there a gang, could it have been when the kitchen was refurbished, it looks like a little scrawny was it a teenager, what can be done I am down here she’s up there .. etc etc etc.

Words pass to and fro until finally there is a confession – it is a toy one that BFF Jnr bought for them to play with and they love it.

I say she should be put on litter tray cleaning duty for at least a while week for that!!

Jolly good jape though 😀


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Guests departing

Tomorrow my numerous guests are going home 😥 Whilst having this amusing distraction has been fun. No Kim I do not want any of my own!

The boys appeared hurridly when the man from Tesco arrived, I think they were looking for signs of veggy treats or wanted to pass comment upon my edible purchases.


With that earning them nothing, they went onto full emotional blackmail by applying their cute faces.


How can an Aunty resist?   And to make sure I got the full effect of their brotherly love …..


So after a sunflower seed or four each, I rummaged through their feed for a couple of peanuts and then went and got a couple of sheets of kitchen paper towel for them to destroy and merrily chuck the bits and dust all over my desk/hifi/table/speaker/floor.

Utoh .. can they read, one is sitting on the top floor of the gerbilarium eyeing me suspiciously.

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Violet joy


For the past couple of weeks I have been looking after my bud’s four African Violet plants [along with her two gerbils].  Two of her plants she bought a couple of years ago from a nursery and they have been happy healthy specimens, reminiscent of the ones her late Mother used to grow.  Earlier this year Kim found two more some what neglected sorrowful looking pair at a charity shop and these were added to her successful collection.

Before she departed for sunnier skies one of them showed signs of just maybe thinking about budding.  Now I am a nervous plant person, I can and have killed air-plants, I think I could even kill silk ones!  As whenever you’re given temporary custody of a treasured item you wish and hope nothing would befall them.  But to my delight they seem to have been most happy and settled with my care.

Today when I went to stroke their leaves and give them a check I was delighted to see how far this new attempt at budding had progressed, loads of new buds I am rather chuffed and looking forward to returning them to Kim with triumphant glee.

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Prospects for the weekend

Well, as things are it is gonna be a rather up down, high low, stress relax, one ::sigh::

Tonight my Sister, Brother in law and of course the tea drinking hound known as Ruben will be coming round for a doughtnut and a cuppa, we will catch up on our weeks gossip, muse over the ever rediculous Earbenders plot [aka Eastenders], be amused as BIL tries to watch Ashes-to-Ashes through his eye lids, lol.  Bless, well his alarm does go off at 5.30am!

Tomorrow morning I will be busy sh*t+shave+shampoo+showering .. then madly tidying the house after tonights reverie in preparation for the Annual General Meeting of the residents here.  Out of a possible 20 attendees there will likely be 4 [and thats includng me!].  So much for getting a majority decision on anything!!

The Directors will want to disuss next Monday’s appointment with the Solicitors, asking whether there are additional question they want clarified following the appeal letter reveived about installing Sky Tv [it’s complicated] and other issues with the property leases.

Sunday, I WILL be laying in to listen to the Archers.  Might see about a lazy brunch before back at the keyboard to either arrange a second AGM or type up the minutes of Saturday’s gathering.

Still my mini-boss has been keeping a very close watch on my work progress.
Photo 3

I was going through about 2 feet worth of old papers looking for informtion on a past decision and came across an errant staple .. not only did it stab me but then twisted and hooked itself into my right index finger .. F%^& did it hurt!!!  Considered suing for industrial injury til Irealised I am one of the group who’d be sued, so changed my mind.

Bugge me it is cold, 8ºC and threatening rain … brrrrr


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