Spring Like A March Hare

20 Mar

I say spring, more like enthusiastically lurch……. well I say enthusiastically but it’s more like begrudgingly shuffle…….. hmm begrudgingly that’s on point and shuffle, hmm yeah, kind of outch, dawdle, mosey.

Whether it is the decline of my physical abilities, the endless endurance of the shielding lockdown, the cold fingers of winter or a mix of it all, I cannot seem to shake off the shackles of winter oppression and awaken, find the joy in things, the pleasures in purpose, everything feels exhaustingly ::sigh:: As I said to BFF I cannot be bothered to be bothered.

There are the tentative hints of improvement. Doesn’t it make the day seem nicer when there is sunshine? It has an extra energy, almost an optimism. So in that fashion one might dare to tackle a bit of a to-do list.

  • Add crochet border to red cat blanket
  • Start the Alan Davies book
  • Check domain registry dates
  • Go through iTunes genre
  • File images accumilated

A chunk of that involves my desk, which is dependent on who my carers are and the times they are due here. Plus the sitting position isn’t the most comfortable.

The ‘remote’ app on the iPad that controls iTunes on my Mac is working really well, but as I scroll about trying to decide what I feel like listening to I find I tend to choose a genre and let the device shuffle. When I am at the desk I usually select an album or artist to listen to. As I think I have mentioned before my choice can be influenced by what I am doing, classical while html coding, rock/metal while photo editing, Rhythm/blues while dealing with accounts and numbers, etc. The automated comes-when-you-upload info of a cd can be a little odd, there are a few tweaks I would like to make and there are those with no genre tagged at all. Hardly a vital necessary task but it fills the time, like finding album covers and adding those.

My original iPad (gen1) has been struggling to deal with life for a while. When I purchased my new one I repurposed the old one to the bedroom for iPlayer, radio, audiobook usage, but many of the apps need an operating system it cannot cope with so I was using the browser, but even that struggled. Anywho, I took the decision to buy a refurbished one from MusicMagPie, it came today and so far so good. I’ve spent a couple of hours setting up and logging in, tweaking to my preferences, selecting display images etc.

Must think of more to blog about so it’s not eons again before I text lyrical.


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4 responses to “Spring Like A March Hare

  1. menhir1

    March 20, 2021 at 5:35 pm

    I got side-tracked-not difficult at the present time- by your purchase at Music Magpie. Not having heard of it, I went on a search and have just spent a good half hour exploring the site. It seems to be a well-rated company.

    Motivation is difficult, that’s why I got very easily side-tracked, as stated above. Procrastination takes too much effort. My intentions were all good to start with today. I did a bit of something on my trial “schedule” . I can see me diverging back to a to do list, while neglecting the things I was thinking of doing for personal interest. Oh dear.

    The sun has just come out for the first time today. I don’t know if the cold gale has settled. Scotch mist was hampering us earlier on.

    Salut for now. xxxx

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    • AnneMarie

      March 20, 2021 at 5:39 pm

      Distract……… ahh yes, the catnip of the internet, lol. I think many are feeling the same this year vis a vi the self motivation .. tis a rum bugger indeed.


      • menhir1

        March 20, 2021 at 11:24 pm

        ….’rum bugger’ is about the size of it. xxx

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  2. snowbird

    March 24, 2021 at 5:59 pm

    A little sunshine really makes a difference doesn’t it, we’ve just had a sunny yet cold day and eating lunch in the garden made a huge difference. Winter seems to have really dragged during this

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