01 Sep

My lists have broken, historically they helped me get organised, sorted and done, but the ‘meh’ apathy has set-in.  Is it because the list is on the iPad and a mere swipe deletes them as if they were never there, whereas writing them in longhand on a note pad and crossing it out doesn’t remove it from view, just reminds you of a failure?  It’s deeper than that, it’s a personality trait, accountability thing.

Sometimes success of getting stuff done is dependant upon the sense of satisfaction (personal and third-party) that comes along after the effort and struggle, it has to have a worth.  Sometimes it might be because someone else is relying on what you do.  Sometimes it’s something that is time sensitive.  I am fortunate that I don’t have things pulling at my time, I don’t work thus reducing the free hours for chores, projects and such, but because my days have no structure it’s neither here nor there what time I get up, go to bed, today is like yesterday and will be the same tomorrow.  Granted initially after ceasing work, having the comfort of so little pressure was so relaxing and reviving, and so needed after the stress and pressure of grief, work and deteriorating health, but now it has become a hindrance. Even enjoyable pastimes become things to merely fill empty hours, which takes the shine off the brightest activities.

But occasionally a spark of possibility needs seizing to try and wrangle the waining spirit, and ignite the motivation to get on and ‘do’, because it will bring satisfaction in a project successfully completed that others might just enjoy.  Give a sense of purpose and instead of time filling I’m being ‘productive’.

So, September is the month, BFF’s visit is the deadline.

  1. Research and write the new article
  2. Upgrade video player (current one doesn’t handle mobile devices)
  3. Rework each video file/page
  4. Upload everything to the server and publish
  5. Update back-up drives 1 and 2 (I’m not loosing all that hard work)
  6. Possibly pick up cat blanket crochet

I know, I know, I might be over reaching with the crochet, lol, but goals be goals.

Not being able to just get stood up from the desk is a major faulting factor, I could and should spend a couple of hours most days at the desk but the thought of shuffling on the chair to get to the sofa is a chore even though when I do do it, it’s not so bad, only some degree of hip discomfort.  It’s a mental tug of war. It is necessary to put myself in an outright absolute ‘have-to’ situation to give my mentals that extra decisive tug.

Right then ….. 2–6–heave!


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9 responses to “Startember 

  1. menhir1

    September 1, 2018 at 4:23 pm

    Fascinating insight into your mind Anne-Marie. I use the iPad for reminders, somehow, they don’t jump out at me as to-do stuff. They just remind. iPad notes: they’ve built up into a house height ladder. I perceive a bit of data cleansing may be in order, and, yes… doing that will remind me of what’s in the notes.

    What I think I do see in this post is a pattern; you broadcast your primary things to do and how you will achieve those aims. What flows is what you do. Agreed BFF is a major motivator. Why do you need to make iPad to-do notes when you can pin them up here ?


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    • AnneMarie

      September 1, 2018 at 4:36 pm

      Not sure it’s wise to look inside my mind, it’s a dark and merky place!

      A reason for blogging a to-do list. Hmm, there are a few, it’s a blog topic (I struggle to find anything to make interesting), and also there is a level of accountability. Putting lists on the iPad means only I see it, delete it and it’s like it was never there and no-one knew about it. Putting it in a blog is like teacher giving you homework, a third party is expecting it done. It’s a public declaration. To not do as intended opens me up to a (self imposing) sense of disappointing – a case of I said I would x and I haven’t because of no good reason – iPad notes/lists can be updated, amended, edited ‘on the go’ before a progress blog is created, with the accompanying tales of triumph and turmoil too.


      • menhir1

        September 1, 2018 at 5:08 pm

        All those things and more, however, making a start is often the way to go,the fill in can be done by degrees, like your cat blankets. I see by your current list, you have kept it to do-able proportions, A lot of us could take lessons from that.

        Please, what does all the I.T stuff mean? xxx

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      • AnneMarie

        September 1, 2018 at 5:23 pm

        I.T. Stuff means headache, technical wizardry, googling/you tubing how to info, making a sacrifice to the deity of Burners-Lee, lol.

        There are two ways of adding a video to a webpage, embedding a video already on YouTube or having the necessary bit of software, je player, that can show the video file. Not all devices work on the same software, so while the existing videos play on computers and laptops, they don’t on tablets and mobiles because the software needs updating. That basically means uploading the relevant software and for each video making sure it’s the correct ‘type’ ( mov, MP4, flv file type). Uploading to the server the player software and each video file, then updating the menu and testing!

        The new article involves hosting a video clip, so as well as that, I need to write the article (plus pictures) and then code it into a new web page.

        Most things can be broken down into steps, rather than a long job that has to be finished once started.


      • menhir1

        September 1, 2018 at 7:48 pm

        My Goodness….I do understand the MP3 and 4 stuff superficially, though I have never uploaded a video into anything from anything. I have burned CD’s from my own originals in the relevant formats. It’s something you have learn sufficient of and rapidly when using Apple apps. I used to just copy stuff onto CD’s and let the software sort out what it wanted. I guess though, there was only one format at that time with the OS I used. One inconvenience, if you’re doing a big job, is not being able to leave a CD open so you can add more stuff at different times. Bro tells me there is a way to do it, depending on what software is being used…more stuff to learn. xxx

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  2. Bushka

    September 1, 2018 at 7:35 pm

    Bet you will have tried……”If at first you don’t ‘take off’…..start another ‘countdown'” 😉 Hugs.

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