United Diversity

25 May

What a fabulous photograph! Three beautiful young ladies engaging in the celebrations of a Royal event, coordinating their patriotic red, white and blue with their modesty ethos and headscarves. Three young Islamic followers sharing the joy of a Christian wedding.  I truly hope their experiences of the day was solely positive and affirming.

It’s a sad dark shadow on our society that there are those who will view this casual image so negatively. There are those who will snear and cry that these ‘types’ should go back from where they came (little realising that it’s likely somewhere like Bishop Stortford, or a country village, not some distant land; nor realising Islamists have lived, worked and died in the UK for a few thousand years).  There are also some who will genuinely believe these ladies have demeaned themselves, because they are not wearing black and they have their faces exposed.

Whilst there will always be those who favour an opposite negative opinion, and I hope they are a shrinking minority, can we please try and enjoy the positive, happy, inclusive, non-pigeon-holing of life.  It seems as society is trying to become inclusive and tolerant (detest that word), it is also becoming more focused on tagging and highlighting differences.  

I was reluctant to post this, you never quite know whether on such an explosive subject, readers will understand what I mean, and who will take offence. Fingers crossed.


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3 responses to “United Diversity

  1. deacongill

    May 27, 2018 at 8:44 am

    Glad you posted it. It’s a great picture of what happens when people do integrate as much as possible, and don’t allow differences to isolate them.

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    • AnneMarie

      May 27, 2018 at 1:23 pm

      You have to try and make yourself includable to be included, it really cheered me to see those lovely ladies thoroughly enjoying themselves.

      My BFF posted about not dwelling on our differences, but embracing the individual regardless of their differences, but there is a seam of people desperately, aggressively clinging to, brandishing, their minority aspect, citing the “You’re doing/saying that because I am …….”, well no I am saying/doing that because you are behaving inappropriately.

      Humans …… fickle creatures.

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  2. menhir1

    May 27, 2018 at 8:18 pm

    I saw these ladies on TV, probably as you did. My immediate thought was “what a great way to share in the joy of the occasion”. Other thoughts followed on, like the flexibility of their their dress style. It demonstrated their wish for inclusivity in the national fun and their desire to be seen to do so. I do hope, Anne-Marie, there was no mean-spirited behaviour about this.

    I do understand what you mean about the tensions that exist in our society and how they exhibit. Sadly, they also exist in other societies. It’s the stuff that awful discord is made of.

    I agree, the ladies were engaging and very engaged. xxx

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