I Hate Halloween (still)

31 Oct


Time for a repost…

It all stems back to a incident in 1973/1974 and some decades later the fear within still resides and affects my behaviour.

Way back then I was a small child, only child of the house. We lived in a new house in the village, there were no street lights and few neighbours. The room beside the main lounge/dinner, always named the little lounge, was where I would play most evenings, not disturbing my parents. The window, at right angles from the main lounge windows, looked out across the lawn and across the neighbours drive. It was a very quiet village and as my street was a cul de sac of only a dozen properties not much traffic either. It was never unusual for the curtains to be left open after all there was no one to look-in.

One of the main streets [the village centered around a t-junction beside an ancient Priory and river crossing] had the affluent estates, mansions of six or seven bedrooms in acres of land, some only years old some dating pre-victorian, and as the oil industry was beginning to boom on the coast these executive dwellings were rented to upper managements families, thus why we had American families in the village.

The ‘festival’ of trick or treating was unknown to my neck of the woods, yes we were aware of All Hallow’s Eve, the night of witches and gouls, stories of fright but other than that is was a non-event.

I vividly recall that night without much prompting, I was playing gymnastics in the little lounge. forward rolls, backward rolls and so forth, balancing, pretending to tight-rope walk when there was a knock at the window. I looked up expecting to see a familiar face who had tried to gain our attention by knocking at the front door but had not been heard, but I was much mistaken. I saw a light shining upon a glowing disfigured face with a blood curdling moan eminating and nothing but pure blackness around. I was petrified, scared witless at this utter terror before me. I know I screamed with all the effort I could muster. I ran into the main lounge and leapt to my Mother startled by my activity, the leap was close to record breaking for a 5/6year old. I was shaking, howling, in such utter distress and hysteria.

My Father hurried from the house. It was not until many years later that someone else told me he caught one of the teens who had taken part in this deed, had grabbed him by the scruff of his jacket, pulling him to within an inch of his face and shouted most violently at him.

The next day as I boarded the bus for school, I knew instantly who had been involved, the two american teenage boys from the large house and one local boy, they were a gang of three, their snickers and glares displayed their guilt. I was so angry, yet utterly intimidated.

It is now approaching dusk and my nerves are already twitching to close the curtains and lock the door. When I first moved into my home the first couple of All Hallow’s Eve’s I could not bring myself to be in my kitchen and cook because there was nothing to cover the window and door, eventhough there was no way for anyone to get to them, the fear was there. When I worked flexi-time at the Agency I always left the moment core time was over and drove home to get hidden in my home.

I don’t for a moment imagine those three fellows even remember frightening me that night, but I do. I hate halloween.

EDIT :: I still close the curtains early, I am still on edge should there be a knock at my door (which would be ignored), but I know I’ll be fine.


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5 responses to “I Hate Halloween (still)

  1. Bushka

    October 31, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    Halloween Hugs! ❤

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    • The Best Friend

      October 31, 2017 at 8:58 pm

      At least you’ll never have to think up a post for Halloween so long as you live. You can just regal us with this 45 year old oldie but goodie. Is there a feature on this blog site that would automatically post this same entry for you year after year after year? It’s pretty amazing that one bad experience from 1973 or so has had you shaking in your shoes every Halloween for 45 years. Those three boys didn’t realise that they would be given space rent free in your head for half a century. Is there a reason why you’re so fearful even though you know that no one is going to hurt you? I can’t really get my head round it. 🤔


  2. menhir1

    October 31, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    What a thoughtless purile act, no wonder Hallow’een has such emotive connotations for you.

    In the smoke where I grew up, I was totally unaware of the existence of this saints’ commemoration. Anyway, if there were some pumpkins to be had, we never saw them, certainly not for sale on the industrial scale of present times. Rationing was still fresh in people’s minds. Food was food.

    Tomorrow will be a good day. Xxxx

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    • AnneMarie

      October 31, 2017 at 9:30 pm

      Exactly, All Hallows’ Eve was as relevant as St Cuthbert’s Day back then.

      For some unknown reason, I’m more jittery this year then I have been across the more recent hallow’eens. Odd and irrational but hey how I am but human.


  3. deacongill

    November 1, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    It’s strange how things which happened in our childhood still have such power to disturb us, even though we can now rationalise and tell ourselves not to be so silly. I still have a visceral reaction to seeing an octopus, having been caught by one in my childhood in the sea around Tristan where we lived. Although I know I’m perfectly safe! Hope you got through Halloween OK and can now relax. Hugs.

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