Doris’s Dudgeon

24 Feb

Doris got her dander up round these parts yesterday.  She was fickle in her choices of destruction. 

In the morning she took a dislike to the roof of the local Baptist Church, a building frequently used for AA meetings, a drop-in centre, Food Bank, as well as other things. The crew of volunteers were preparing lunch for the lunch club when the tile roof gave way. Thankfully no one was seriously injured, one person was treated by the neighbouring GP clinic.

Where my little road meets the Main Street there are a coupe of tall advertising billboards, it’s nothing unusual on a wet wild windy day for the paper to peel off and I watched as a corner piece flapped back and forth, slowly getting bigger.  Later in the day I saw a police person wrapping police tape around the lamppost in front of these hoardings and thought it curious as the adverts were not peeling that badly. Today, however, some beefy burly types in eye-aching orange kit erected proper barriers and dismantled both structures.

But last night as I munched through my paella, listening to the gusts fart their way through my front door, there was a crash outside my curtained window. Utoh.  Peeking through the curtains it was too dark to tell whether it was a roof role or the terracotta clock/barometer that used to hang in my parents courtyard. It was not until this morning I found out for sure, but in truth I already knew. 



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2 responses to “Doris’s Dudgeon

  1. deacongill

    February 25, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    That’s a bit miserable. Doris is wreaking havoc. Hope it improves and you stay safe.

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  2. menhir1

    February 28, 2017 at 11:40 am

    The various storms that have rumbled through these isles since the end of 2016 have left their marks. We’ve had some damage from one in January. Fortunately, no-one was hurt. We certainly watched anxiously from thereon as more storm warnings gathered.

    It’s very exciting to see how these storms behave, (I’m not a fan) and fearsome how they affect our very existence. Stay well.


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