Festive Approach

15 Dec

I hate wrapping gifts, I struggle with the dexterity needed. Put them in a bag I hear you cry, well yes however we wrap items and put them in a bag.  Besides which half the fun of a gift is tearing at the wrapping, that lovely primeval sound as you claw your way in (oh gawd, you’re not one if those who eases the tape carefully and unfold the paper are you?).

So the dreaded day nears, are you ready for it? Stressed, frazzled, confused and shattered? Yeap, well take heart, just 53 weeks to next years, lol.

What have we all been up to? I’ve had a rare visit to hospital. Nowt to worry about just need to get medical evidence together for when the DLA review and migration to PIP happens. The old ticker might be showing signs of age and what have you, to my mind the pulse rate and blood pressure is a little high and maybe circulation issues (my feet are always cold and discoloured unless tucked up in bed or soaking in warm water). Anyway back in twelve months. 

Monday we take the ninja off to the Circus Christmas Spectacular, we booked the tickets back in October and all of a sudden it’s here. Cards and parcels have been mailed out. Couriers have delivered all that was ordered, now I just need to wrap the *beeping* things. The festive eats have been procured except for the final fresh bits. 

Over wondered if this year it seems to be coming upon us suddenly because Christmas is at a weekend, so there is not a weekend close enough to give you time to get organised at home. I always think a mid week Christmas runs more smoothly.

Oww, just remembered, must remind Big Sis to dig out the Logo Game and Anti-Monopoly Game…….

Anyway festive felicitation to you all … Catch you on the dark side 

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