Mothering Surprise

19 Mar


Just recovering from BFF’s visit, and time to regale you with a tale.

BFF arrived here on the Friday, and Sunday was Mothering Sunday here in the UK, BFF’s daughter mailed a package to here for her, so it was a neat treat on Sunday morning to watch her open the large padded envelope.

Out of which dropped two cards and some adorable socks [pugs and cats].  One card was for BFF and the other was for me. Me?  Yes, the no-longer-so-little girl had sweetly included me in her Mothering Sunday thoughtfulness.

Now you have to know that she is not a touchy felt emotion gushing open person, she keeps herself to herself and only lets the select trusted few know her views, thoughts, feelings etc.  To be addressed as “Aunty & Godmother” was touching enough, but to then have such lovely hand written words in the beautiful card was even more touching.  I admit to slight eye leakage [comon occurrence when opening cards].

She signed herself off as “BFF Jnr”, haha, that’s a keeper!

To realise I have been involved and an influence in the 15 years I have watched this talented, capable, young lady is rather peculiar because I do not see myself as being that sort of person, I am I and she is she and we enjoy each others company and friendship.  She’s an honorary member of our family, just like BFF, and I hope she knows she is much loved and thought of by us.  Like any person trying to grow up and get ahead in our current world, it has had its difficulties and she has had some doozy of tests, but she is doing fine and I hope there are many beautiful and bright things in her future.

I’ll stop now as BFF Jnr will get embarrassed.

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One response to “Mothering Surprise

  1. Bushka

    March 19, 2016 at 1:40 pm

    Aww……How lovely! One can sense the ‘joy’ while reading. Love and Hugs! ❤

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