Seeking Sponsors (just a £1 will do)

23 Feb


That remarkably handsome chap standing there is my nephew (proud Aunty being unashamedly biased) …. he is doing something rather remarkable (and possibly slightly crazy) …. he has signed up to take part in the “Only The Brave” event (think commando style assault course, but muddier and sort of fives miles long) …. it is happening in March (that is a British March, could be snow, could be a heat wave or both).

He has never tried anything like this before and has been diligently training to raise his stamina since Christmas in all weathers, sometimes after a full days work outside up on roofs, whether he felt like it or not, because he is committed to a promise he made. Besides which he knows how mildly mad some of the pilots and crews are, you have to be to do battle everyday to save lives and stay sane.

Could you sponsor him, please? A £1 makes all the difference, and I am sure that much is down the back of the sofa, or on the bedside table, or sitting in the well of your car – and it would be incredibly appreciated to show your support to him.

Thank you

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