Residue Rising

25 Aug


Yesterday was definitely a 2.

Mornings I have experienced as a grade 3 would be the adrenalin fuelled ones as I was about to depart to sail oceans or fly to the Americas, I might even class the getting up and out for car booting as such, wondering how early our first sale would be [6 minutes past 6 in the morning!].

However there are a handful of times a year when a not ridiculously early start, but earlier than the norm is required, for reasons not fuelled by adrenalin just because ….. yesterdays was because Big Sis’s car was going to the garage for its MOT [she passed, gold star to her] … which means hubby drops her here just after 8.  She did bring breakfast so that was a plus.  But you see dear reader, I had awoken at a little after six and turned over and fell into a deep dead sleep, startled by the screaming of the alarm that I was physically shaking, brain and muscles would not coordinate, moving incoherently and ending up in a heap on the floor a strong likelihood and for me that is dangerous.

I spent the rest of the day feeling like I needed to go back to sleep so I could awaken gracefully, at a natural pace and feel usual [cannot say refreshed or rested because I never do].

This morning I was able to lay there and surface at a leisured pace, to mull over the doings of the day and contemplate the grander things like “What shall I make for dinner” or “toasted sandwiches for lunch”, I might even risk a “Oww a treat to add to the grocery order” before rising [second attempt to get stood up was the successful one], dressing [got knickers on right first time!] and starting the things to do list.

Luncheon beckons, and a little light crochet this afternoon as I quiz my brain.

Still feel like i have not caught up from yesterdays disturbance.

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One response to “Residue Rising

  1. deacongill

    August 27, 2015 at 4:43 pm

    I so know the feeling – oh yes indeedy! Not a morning person – and loathe having to wake and start rushing around to meet deadlines – feel terrible for hours afterwards.

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