The Grand Expedition!

23 Aug


After the success of the experimental expedition, the grand plan was hatched, we would go further for longer, and thus last Monday, Big Sis, her BFF and I loaded up the car with car seat, spider man back pack and the four-foot ninja and headed to the seaside.  Our first intended destination the jolly children amusement park that we remembered from our youth [and it had not changed either].

Ninja dutifully holding BFF’s hand, or the arm of my wheelchair as we crossed the roads [always saying “Thank you Mr Car” and waving when cars stopped – too cute and lovely that drivers waved back] we headed past the amusement arcades, the ice-cream/candy stalls, the mini golf games to the hustle, bells and whistles of the bustling area beside one of the piers. Tokens were purchased and soon Ninja with BFF or Big Sis were whisked off on the snails, spooky roller coaster, pirate ship [he flew solo on that one], racing cars, spinning tops, and the story land – he also biffed the heads of a few minions.

GTYSnails GTYcars

Tummy was suggesting it was time for some lunch and feet were suggesting it was time for a sit down but not before a quick look on the beach and a simply-must sight …. the donkeys.

GTYdonkey  Troy was the mighty steeds name and for a first time rider the Ninja sat up-right and every now and then as they patiently waited he stroked Troy’s soft fur, remarking how soft he was.  They did their walk down the beach and back, I think Troy was on auto pilot and not in anyway phased by the bravery of his novice rider.

After lunch a walk along the pier.  I always, always, had a nervous tummy as a little one walking along piers, I think it is the gaps between the boards the sense that wood rots and gives way [thank you cowboy films] and I am sure when I was young the water was further up the pier and it roared more.  One thing that has not changed when you get to the end is the howling gale!  Low and behold a few more rides and Ninja was soon paddling this log along the canal and then onto the motor train.

GTYcanoe  Now I will remark that if his Dad and Granddad were with us, I would not remain dry, somehow when there is a water related activity and I am nowhere near it, i get wet – I am happy to report that that genetic trait has not been passed down.

GTYphoto  What is the attraction of sticking your head through a hole, never got it myself.

We meandered along the prom, waving at the horse and carriages, having those important discussions that four year olds have [don’t ask I am still waiting for my language app to include Ninja].  Some 2p’s hastily inserted into machines but Captain American and Spiderman would not oblige and fall, hmph.  Walking along further, noticing things and mooching looking in the occasional souvenir/toy shops, a dracula minion was seen and Big Sis fell in lub and as all Nan’s do used Ninja as an excuse to get *rolleyes*.  When we took a five minute rest, Ninja taught Dracula and me the merits and rules of high five followed by some skin [I am only a beginner at puppetry but Ninja seemed convinced Dracula had it], while Big Sis got the ice-creams and BFF got her donuts. Time for one of those sneaky adult tricks, there were a couple of rubbish bins near by and rather than wait and take everything in one go, Ninja merrily trotted back and forth with each separate piece, haha, kept him busy and us seated.

Then he does something so irresistibly cute and sweet you cannot say no to the little rogue.  As I said in a previous post the purpose of the day is for him to have some him time now that his little sister has arrived, so we were not talking about her and letting him lead the conversation.  After sitting there looking across the broad pavement at a shop he gets his thinking expression on and in a sweet voice says “Can we get a dolly for Daisy”, bless him, he was thinking of his sister.  Armed with my purse, Big Sis and Ninja went and looked at the cuddles and he decided which one she would like and carefully brought it back in its bag and made sure it was carefully put in the bag hanging from the back of my wheelchair.  [Apparently when he got home it immediately came out the bag and she was show it]

At the far end of the promenade is the big amusement park, but these rides were bigger and faster. However there was the seaside favourite ‘hook a duck’, which he did and decided on a fishing game for his bath or paddling pool. BFF hooked one to and decided on the goldfish in a tank.  Poor fishy he had a rather bumpy journey as we made our way back along the prom [beach side this time], I imagine he was glad of his water being still while Ninja had twenty minutes on the bouncy castles.  I have no idea what he made of watching us eat KFC, and his view of the other 2p machines is anyones guess.  He survived the car journey and is now safely ensconced in BFF’s kitchen.

After a little over eight hours of it, Ninja was slowing down and he was returned to the care and responsibility of his parents.  I think his Dad missed him, as almost before Big Sis had turned off the engine he was there. I keep meaning to message his parents and find out whether he slept well that night. I know I did, but boy my hips and lower back did not like removing the next day.

All good fun as they say – rumour has it, to be repeated next year – oh crikey!


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3 responses to “The Grand Expedition!

  1. Bushka

    August 23, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    Excellent post Anne….Always good to hear about your having a splendid ‘Day Out’…..Delightful pictures…..Love and Hugs! ❤


  2. deacongill

    August 26, 2015 at 7:02 pm

    That is so well and vividly-written and gives us such a good picture of you all, especially the Ninja! Brilliant idea to give him a day out on his own – which seaside was it? It could almost be ours!!


    • AnneMarie

      August 26, 2015 at 7:06 pm

      Thank you for your compliment. We went to joyland, it is as old as the hills, everybody has childhood memories of that Park.

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