The Experimental Expedition

06 Aug


You know when you are lazing in the wee small hours with your mind hopping and popping about and then is pings on a bright idea that sounds absolutely so right you then mention it to someone else – I had one of those.  I was thinking about the new addition and how tricky adjusting can be and exhausting for parents so I thought, what if Big Sis, her BFF and I take the four foot ninja out for a couple of hours, that gives him a treat and time that is just for him, it gives mum and dad a chance to sit still for five minutes, or take a nap and we get an outing.  Big Sis gave it the thumbs up and thus it was organised, on Monday after meeting Miss Daisy, we would go down the local seafront for a 2p session, some lunch, a walk about and play on the beach.

Mummy packed the avengers backpack with the essentials and Daddy rigged the car seat into Nana’s car, we all bundled in and belted up and zoomed down to the prom – which was packed, where do all these people come from, how do they know that that is there, it is not exactly tourist hot spot.  We parked and Ninja either holding the arm of my wheelchair or BFF’s hand we made our way to the amusements.  He had hardly put his first few in before the machine was all bells and whistles and yards of tickets come spewing forth, between the three of them I was kept busy folding and counting tickets.  Tummy rumbles suggested it was time to go eat and we made our way through the queuing crowds and found the cafe and a table.  Orders were placed and the little ticket said our number was ’35’, bless Ninja kept telling the girlie bringing out the food “I’m 35”, when our number was called we called yes and he put his hand up.  After we had eaten he said he needed a wee, hmm where are they “You go down there and round the corner, just there, I know” so off he trotted with BFF to the adjacent room at the cafe and sure enough round the corner were the toilets.  He is all about that kid!

We had said to him that after lunch we would go for a little walk [there is a broad pedestrianised walkway] to help our lunch settle down in our tummies. Eagle eyes had spotted the minion bouncy castle on the beach and asked if we would be going there, which we would after lunch had settled as we did not want it coming back up again.  As we walked along, below there is the boating pond where some people had radio controlled boats, one a fast speeding race boat.  Next to this is a small paddling pool area.  As it was the hottest day, and he had been slathered in suncream he did not take much persuading to take off his socks which he put inside his shoes and left for me to take care of.

Now we are all intelligent persons here and if you take one child and add some water you get …….


We had packed prepared 😀  He merrily wandered about, cooling off, trying to swim while laying on his tummy.  Nana got splashed a couple of times *teehee* she didn’t mind, it soon dried.  Time to return to Aunty who was in charge of shoes and bags, quick change [must remember with little boys the importance of making sure that the winky is straight and comfy in the pants, its an important job].  Reclothed and shoed we walked back down when Ninja said his lunch had gone down more now and were we going to the bouncy castle.  He waited in line patiently and was let loose for the fifteen minute session on the various bouncing things and assorted play items.

The most hilarious item of the day was next, when they returned to where me and BFF were waiting, we adults were sitting on the hard slope that goes down to the sand and Ninja was playing in the sand when some ended up in his face and he [without panic or tears] said there was some in his eye, he walked to Nana and as we grabbed tissues, cardigan or something ready to blow and get the grain away he declared ‘Is okay, I’ll use you” and grabbed the hem of her flowing top and wiped his face. BFF and I were trying so hard not to laugh out loud we were snorting air!

We headed back to the amusements to get rid of the last remaining 2p’s and feed our tickets into the counting machine, we were just a few shy of 1000 [they were very generous with their tickets].  He saw a minion but they needed more and the purple minion was at 1000 but the kind lady let us off those few – grand prize for the day and large [15inches tall] cuddly toy.

As we got back to the car there was a fairly large ship sailing into the harbour and he watched that while we left the doors open and aired the car, and got me in.  After we were strapped in and the engine started, in a sweet voice Ninja asked “Nana, can you take me home now?”, which is where we were heading and he followed that up with ‘I’ve had a lovely day” [awe, brings a lump to the throat].

He was returned to the care of his parents a mere four hours since we had remove him, lol.  What pleasant relaxing thing did daddy do? He had a shave! Later reports said that he was full of chatter and fast asleep by 9pm.  Mission accomplished.

It was not until later that is occurred to us that during the four hours with temptation and delights everywhere, there were no tantrums, he never ran off [he asked to run up the slope], he never created when we said we were leaving somewhere, he was not fidgety waiting at the cafe, he never asked or badgered for the shop or an ice cream.  He was a very well behaved little boy.

Rumour has it we are going to do it again in a couple of weeks, heading into town, to the children’s fun park … oh my ….


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4 responses to “The Experimental Expedition

  1. Bushka

    August 6, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    What a Super Day Nana!!!! Too good not to warrant an encore……Great fun, Ann! Hugs!


    • AnneMarie

      August 6, 2015 at 2:57 pm

      I think Big Sis has forgiven me the idea. I must say, he is so entertaining, the pearls of wisdom and learning that come from him are just prescious.


  2. JustAChristian

    August 6, 2015 at 6:39 pm

    Sounds really lovely. I’m so glad you all had a nice outing.


    • AnneMarie

      August 6, 2015 at 6:41 pm

      Utterly shattering, but it was lovely.



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