Crowning Miss Daisy

05 Aug


When it was discovered that the slow growing bun was likely to be a girl I began the frantic thinking of what to make to celebrate her arrival.  For the four foot ninja I cross stitched a Winnit The Pooh and friends ABC, I began trying to find something similar with numbers, I found one but it was out of stock, I contacted the manufacturer but it was a discontinued item. Poop.  Next the bright idea of designing on myself, I found a couple of kits with the Disney characters but could not get the numbers to look ‘right’. I needed another brain wave.

Listening in on a conversation I overheard comments about baby girls in headbands and pink dresses. An idea formed and I scuttled to my source of all things “Google”. The array of patterns, styles and dainty daintiest all raising more and more awes anc squeals of delight.  When a pattern was found for the little post toe flip flops, the project was settled.

Keeping it a secret from everyone was the hardest thing ever over the past few months, but finally with Daisy Marie’s safe arrival they were washed, dried, wrapped, boxed and presented to the parents.

Photos have been promised – I’ll keep you posted.


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4 responses to “Crowning Miss Daisy

  1. Bushka

    August 5, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    Super Ann! So sweet…So cute…just adorable, like Daisy Marie herself…..Hugs! ❤


    • AnneMarie

      August 5, 2015 at 2:54 pm

      It was unimaginable that these tiny things would fit.

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      • Bushka

        August 5, 2015 at 6:28 pm

        ….but they do…soon…did. 😉


      • AnneMarie

        August 5, 2015 at 6:45 pm

        Yes, they might fit for five minutes, they do grow quickly.



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