23 Jun

Bits of me have been going through the wars recently.  I had something of a testing weekend.  A couple of weeks ago I went to put my glasses on in the morning and something felt not quite right, one of the nose pads had come off and I had no clue where it was, nor the minuscule screw that held it in place.  The next day, Sunday, Big Sis and I were up at the crack of sparrow to get to a car boot sale [first sale at 6.10am], after breakfast [cold sausage sandwiches] we had our coffee and merrily chit chatted with a few people, traded a few trades [I made £10, she made over £50].

As time went on I was sorting something out and needed an extra hand so shoved the small notepad in between my teeth and bit down to hold it in place … crack, crunch, shriek … upper left front tooth was wobbling and bleeding [oh heck, oh heck oh heck].  Carefully for the rest of the day I nursed it along, keeping my jaws closed to try and control the wandering tongue and not agitate it any further.  Monday morning Big Sis and I decamped ourselves at my Dentist [literally at the top of my street].  Dentist took a look went “Hmmmm”, wiggled it some more and then took an x-ray to see what was what.  We then left to go and get spec fixed at a local opticians [which they generously did for free].  Later that afternoon I returned to my Dentist for the prognosis.  She was surprised to see that the tooth had eaten itself away from the inside out, that neither of us had noticed anything and that I had had no signs, just the enamel was keeping it together.  The crack at the back was along the gum line, but the crack at the front was down at the bone, nothing else for it, it needed to be yanked 😦

Dentures …… this meant Dentures ….. a plastic plate across the top of the mouth, metal hooks across some back teeth, loss of taste buds, more faffing about with hands that do not wish to comply, but …. dentures …. at my tender age???  If it has been a tooth further back I would not have bothered, but this is a front upper tooth, vital!  Dental impressions were taken and soon as the tech had made the plate an appointment would be made for the procedure.  Till then, be careful, but don’t panic if it comes away, it is likely to.

So on Wednesday of last week I was wheeled in, popped into the chair and lie-back and don’t think of the pain or the £222 cost!!  I had had my mental wobble the night before, under my duvet a few tears of fear and wishful thinking, a few oh woes, but really there was nothing to be done, the situ is as it is and that is that.  I always close my eyes when in the chair because the light makes them water, and I did so again, but when the Dentist and Assistant offer sympathy you know that something is going to hurt, and boy oh boy, despite the numbing the anaesthetic needle did, I controlled my vocals but the reactive flinch was beyond me.  The procedure was quick and not too much digging for the small piece of root [they did warn I might have to go to the hospital for a root extraction].  The plate was fitted, the metal bits tinkered with [tool box looked cleaner than Dads but the pliers looks very familiar, lol] and few instructions were given and off I was wheeled back home.

Everything felt too too weird, numb but not, tingly but itchy but sore.  I waited for the kick in the face sensation as the numbing wore off, there was a dull ache but I’ve had worse.  I took a couple of precautionary painkillers and tentatively supped my chicken stew.  Hmm, that was when the first problem started, eating, I couldn’t.  The moment I tried to chew anything down came the plate, it will not stay in place; drinking is fine, talking it stays, tongue exploring it is still, chew a mere crumb and down it drops – gummy glue is require, constantly.

I was prepared for the curious sensations and the loss of some taste but I was not prepared for my teeth meeting plastic and not teeth when I close my mouth or to chew, and I hate that my morning coffee is completely devoid of any taste, I may as well be drinking warm water.  I can appreciate the difficulties in making these things, being half a millimetre out can have an affect and it is.  I feel like I want to push it further up my mouth and twist it to the right a fraction, the plastic tooth itself feels 2mm too long.  Wearing it, my tongue is drying out in places and I feel like a snaggletooth, not wearing it at night and the hole seems to cavernous that when I go to swallow collected saliva I feel like I am sucking in half my face.  I do not like it at all.

The Dentist did say that if I wanted to consider an implant she would recommend a few Dentists for me, as the NHS do not do them [great, I can get a Double-E boob jobs, face lifts, cosmetic niceties but not teeth for free *rolleyes*] and that the cost would be around £1,500.  I am seriously going to consider it and speak to my Dentist when I next see her.  If an implant is going to give me 15/20 years good service then it seems a good financial idea, but if it is only going to see 10 years then is it financial value?  The physical, mental gains once the procedure is done and healed is pure gain.  This is assuming I am a good candidate for them, it depends on things like bone density.

I am slowly healing, getting used to the faffing, still have not figures the easy way to get fixadent off the roof of my mouth.  I need to reorganise the bathroom acrutimonts but a routine is beginning to settle.


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6 responses to “Dentals

  1. gillyk

    June 23, 2015 at 1:49 pm

    Oh my goodness, what a palaver, a fiddle and a frustration. Going for an implant is expensive, but at least once it’s there you’re done with all the messing about. Hugs xx


    • amgroves

      June 27, 2015 at 12:44 pm

      That is it … if the implant is going to give me a good chunk of years of no fuss and bother, then it will be worth it. Plus my skills are going to deteriorate as my muscles weaken further.

      It’s day eleven and I find more and more niggles to dislike the thing 😦


  2. Bushka

    June 23, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    🙄 Phew! What a ‘palaver’…:yes: Expensive one at that…
    Hopefully you can get this sorted….All Good Wishes, Love and Hugs! XXX


    • amgroves

      June 27, 2015 at 12:55 pm

      Thank you Bushka, I’m battling on.


  3. menhir

    June 23, 2015 at 4:25 pm

    What a pickle…I am sorry.

    If it helps, it probably won’t, I paid £320 for a cap to cover a fractured tooth, because the NHS do not do enamel molars, they only provide enamel front teeth.

    Sounds like you are getting to grips with your situation. It’s not easy though. All the best.



    • amgroves

      June 27, 2015 at 12:57 pm

      Yes, I was hoping for a crown but as the tooth had cracked at the bone line there was nothing to ‘cap’.

      Nothing can be done for a while as the bone needs to heal from where the root was extracted, hopefully my bone density will mean I am a suitable candidate for an implant. I shall keep going on, knowing that there is likely to be an alternative, is helping. The plastic does not seem so final.



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