The Capital Capitulated

18 Jun


I didn’t stop traffic this time, well I did but it was at the alloted crossing and when the button has been pressed and the green man was telling me it was safe to go. [Tales of that story can be found “I Stop Traffic”]  We did have a fun fab time, despite the last minute panics and frustrations.

Departingfrom a chilly station at 7.32am was a shock to my lazed system, we were met by the handy chap with the wheelchair ramp and put on the London train [first class, standard prices, that is were the disabled seats are].  Arrived about 5 minutes late, grabbed our lunchy buns and discovered that lift one was out of action, asked a policeman where lift two was hiding [round the corner where he was standing, typical] – ramped into the taxi and “Westminster Abbey please mate” – there is always something rather cosmo/metro-politan about jumping in a London Hackney and saying where you want to go :D. 

He dropped us off by the West Door and after doing the typical mouth agog, eyes wide tourist thing as this vision from the television is right there before your eyes, we processed our way to the North Door.  Jumping the que [sorry folks, they just opened the barrier and let me through]. Inside we were given our complimentary audio tour devices read by the smooth voiced Jeremy Irons. Beautiful building, and standing at the icon toomb of the unknown soldier was quite tinglng. So any notable names and decoration and so many strangers, makes you wonder why they were allowed to be commemorated/buried there [enough money I suppose].  After leaving the Abbey we took a look around Parliament Square and at the statues, Mandella, Ghandi, Churchill efore crossing the bridge to the Eye.

We sat and ate our lunch watching the world go by and the Eye go round.  We then went to the SeaLife Aquarium.  It is a lovely place to visit, to many enormous tanks with larger specimens in them, the turtles were huge and the sharks are always a draw.  The penguins were fun, they were playing follow the finger through the glass, so bird like when you see them up close.  We treated ourselvs to the book that includes four photos taken of you against the green screen.  I have the keyring and magnet and my Sister has the book for the four-foot ninja to look at.  We taxi-d back to Heron Tower where I had booked a table at The Drift which served fab food before getting back to the train for the 7.30pm return train.  Fell into bed just after 10.50pm, ready to be still and quiet.

ext years trip is already being planned – visit the Houses of Parliament [assuming it is still standing], then across the river for a guided cruise and a whizz around the Eye.



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3 responses to “The Capital Capitulated

  1. menhir

    June 19, 2015 at 9:58 pm

    Another trip, you might like to think about ‘flying Emirates’ across The Thames. It’s a smashing encapsulated chair lift. It’s close to The Greenwich Peninsula, O2 territory. Boats probably go down in that direction.


    • amgroves

      June 21, 2015 at 1:25 pm

      Will have to check that out for the 2017 trip!


      • menhir

        June 21, 2015 at 3:07 pm

        Oh do, we loved it, doing a two-way journey without getting off, just after Xmas 2015, when it was fairly quiet. There is an exhibition included in the experience.



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