Listery, listery, they’ve all gone listery!

04 Mar

Anyway – there are chores to be seen to, jobs requiring attention.

  • Factory reset old Mac and contact recyclers
  • Wade through desk paperwork left over the past three weeks
  • Begin turf out sort of draws, cupboard, boxes etc [be ruthless]
  • Put Aberdeen photos and stories in the book
  • Find photo for new frame
  • WebSite update
  • Finish crochet shawl
  • Write the letters

It was a good couple of months ago that I made my list of things to do, so how far have any gotten done.

MAC – Well it turned into a saga, the swiping it clear and boxing it up all went smoothly smooth, but the actual getting rid of hit a wall.  I was thinking of putting it on Gumtree and see if anyone wanted it but may have found a guy who can take it off my hands.

PAPERWORK – There is always paperwork, but all has been filed away and sorted, some weeded out and confidentially disposed of [BroInLaw’s bonfire]

TURF OUT – it started, then stopped but will begin again soon.  It is not the doing that is the problem, it is the getting rid bit that is always the problem.  Our ‘tip’ is miles away in the back of beyond, involving two bridges and through town traffic with its array of traffic lights and roundabouts and generalised impatience.  When you get there you are subjected to the Spanish inquisition as to what you have, is it yours, what is it made of, does it work and grudgingly they take it from you. Plans are in place to do some serious sorting of the bedroom, once the weather is better and items of quality can be got rid of at the car boot sale [it is almost cheaper going there than dealing with the tip!].

PHOTOS – Oops, they are still sitting here on the desk with the note book waiting to be started.  I need to work out which ones are going into the book and then stealthily remove some of the pages to allow for the thickness of the photos being stuck in.  Should have dine this months ago …. but … meh *shrug*

PHOTO FRAME – I knew the photo I was looking for but cannot find it! That was what kick started the sort out.  But as there is likely to be a new photo come the end of July to be displayed, the frame is in the draw, waiting patiently.

WEB – Well, yes, i have up-dated it, I have dealt with the blithering emails threatening me with all kinds of body re-arrangements and those grovelling to become my new bff [fans are hell!].  Undecided with my own site, about what to add or whether to just delete it.

CROCHET – The shawl has been finished, hung in the wardrobe and there it will stay until I chuck it in a charity bag.

LETTERS – I did write one, but the other two are still on my list to be done.

Bit of a C- ‘could do better’, ‘has allowed self to be too easily distracted’ report.

Meh … bite me!


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4 responses to “Listery, listery, they’ve all gone listery!

  1. gillyk

    March 4, 2015 at 10:29 am

    I find I’m sooooooooooo distractable these days … and I lose sense of time too. I know that feeling of ‘must do this’ but I need to psych up to it – do you find the same?


    • amgroves

      March 4, 2015 at 4:28 pm

      Oh absolutely! Brain is arguing with itself, says “well I’ve done …” Then says “but you still need to …..” Another voice says “ahh it can wait” before another bit goes “no it can not”, then everything is over ruled as big voice goes “oww Judge Rinder is on”.

      It is the consequence before and after a job that slows me to a stop, such a bugging bother.


  2. Bushka

    March 4, 2015 at 10:36 am

    Splendid…..Progress!!!! :yes: As the saying goes….’Every Little Helps’. Spring should help……;) Keep Going! Hugs!
    P.S. That ‘Tip’ sounds to be a bit of a ‘Bind’…..:roll: xxx


    • amgroves

      March 4, 2015 at 4:29 pm


      Once it’s done, it is done.



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