Seasons wot-nots and thingy-me’s

21 Dec

Well folks, the big day approaches, let us hope it is a successful one for all. That those alone or distanced from their loves can find some peace and comfort in recollection, lets hope those with loved ones around them can see joy and pride, lets hope those batteries don’t go flat too quickly and that the food is succulent and filling.

Readers – thank you for sparing the time to endure my rantings and nonsense.

Commentors – You are angels to use your time to leave a few words.

Next year, I would like more laughter, for things to be lighter, a little less stress and struggle, for the good to get good things and those who do wrong get their deserves.

To end, a cracker joke …… What gets wetter as it dries?




got it yet?




Shall I tell you next year?






oay okay ….. it’s a towel!


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One response to “Seasons wot-nots and thingy-me’s

  1. gillyk

    December 21, 2014 at 6:01 pm

    Ho ho ho … hope (!) it’s a good Christmas for you, Anne. Hugs! :wave:

    Add a couple of skis to your wheelchair and talk nicely to Santa when he brings the reindeer – they will whisk you over the snow.



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