The brick wall it smacketh

31 Oct
Not Clumsy

Today things have slowed down to a snails pace.  My ebulience and exuberance has run out.  Everything is taking twice as long, requires three times the effort and doesn’t go right at first attempt – I’ve hit the wall [figuratively].

I have made the necessary call to Sky to switch my phone and internet [cannot have the tv unfortunately] it is partly a cost cutting measure and partly an improvement in service.  I have been with AOL since 2002 and never had any significant issues with them, I think things went screwy once, the UK/European branch is owned by TalkTalk, has been for a few years.  Just recently TalkTalk have taken to telephoning me every two weeks to try and induce me to switch to their “Superior service” where as an “existing and longstanding quality customer” yada yada yada, by then I stopped listening.  I did ask one time, “why not just make AOL cheaper than have us switch around” and another time I said “Ohh TalkTalk are selling off AOL but want to switch their customers first huh?”.  I received confused silence, poor call center persons, such things were not on their script.

If things were changing then maybe a full overhaul was needed and it did kick start my review of all my bills, services and subscriptions and changes are happening, hopefully on 14th November.  So if I go quiet after that date, someone forgot to plug me in somewhere, lol.

The saucepans have been washed up, but the chicken curry has not been cooked, besides which I have decided to make it a chicken casserole instead.  The hob needs a proper clean rather than a cursory spray and swipe, might do that as I grill my fishfingers.

Energy levels are dwindling, but at least a comprehensive amount of doings have gotten done.  Must try and conjure up some intriguing email addresses, I am rather office organised that way, one for the bank and utilities, one for shopping and pals, one for the crap sites you need to log into from time to time – confuses the heck out of the spammers, lol.

Excluding today there are seven fridays before the yuletide festivities are upon us ……. best think about starting to write my cards and letters!!

Oh crap, its Halloween 


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2 responses to “The brick wall it smacketh

  1. gillyk

    October 31, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    I know that feeling of bouncing around and then running out of pootle power, as my bro calls it :)) Give yourself a break and let the walls do their thang 😉 You do sound very organised!! I must admit to having 3 email addresses but it tends to be one for trusted people, another for everything else and a third becoz I needed a gmail address for something :crazy: … and I can’t remember all my passwords either!


    • amgroves

      November 4, 2014 at 12:30 pm

      I always have been an organised person. I needed a book from my bookshelf the other day and told Sis exactly which bookcase, which shelf, and how far from the left it was :p



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