Clouded Rainbow – Jonathan Sturak

19 Aug

The book starts out describing the succesful life of Roger and the wife he is besotted with Lois, a young couple with high earning and stressed jobs, living in the upmarket suburb and driving the expensive status SUV.  But their idyllic world crumbles when on a dark and stormy night they are involved in a horrific car crash as they are crossing the bridge.  The impact send Lois into the swollen river, but Robert is still belted in his mangled vehicle.

Essentially the tale is about the 24/36 hours after Roger wakes up in hospital, concussed with temporary amnesia about what has happened and his strive, almost obsessed need to find his wife, but he does not do the one thing you think you would do in that situation – ask someone!  Lois is in a different hospital, south of the city, in a coma, only the Detective assigned to find out who this Jane Doe is knows the connections.  Miscommunication and a hasty conclusions results in Roger being hunted by the police.

I did not like the ending, it was too ‘hollywoodised’ and I could think of several others that might have been just as dramatic, emotional and effective.  I felt as I read there were things about Roger the reader needed to know, such as what caused his nauseated phobia of hospitals; and there were things I could not decide whether they were just natural yearning or a more sinister controlling arrogance.  Sometimes I was not sure whether Roger’s need to find Lois was to cover up some deep dark secret, or just panic at being separated and not knowing where she was, or how she was.

I flip between a ** rating and a **** rating.  Still cannot decide.

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One response to “Clouded Rainbow – Jonathan Sturak

  1. Bushka

    August 19, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    Likely tto appeal to some people….;) xx



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