oww ouch just a little bit …

05 Aug

So what have we merry bunch of bloggers been up to over the past few weeks?? My regular readers would have noticed I’ve been book reviewing, rather a lot.  With all the sporting coverage disrupting the regular tv schedule and the other channels repeating the repeated repeat of yesterday, there was little else to entertain me.  But maybe I should slow down just a tad or find a really really really long book to read.

Other than that – we did another car boot sale at the weekend. Up at 5, picked up 5.30, parked and setting up by 6am, first sale before 6.30! It was a gorgeous day, nice sun shine and an even light breeze.  What sights are seen from the 70+ leather skinned tanned lady in short short linen shorts with gold bob tube that only just kept her nipples covered, with hair back combed and hairsprayed to oblivion.  To the gent in a suit and tie and fetching straw hat.  The puppy experiencing his first day out in the big scary world [awe, he as too cute, like a living little teddy bear], the large bullmastiff who scurried away when the curious tail wagging king Charles spaniel took a step towards him.  Of course every one is looking for a bargain, no one wants to pay the sticker price [except on jigsaws, hot cakes!!].

Utterly shattered, knackered and zombied all day Monday as a consequence.  Still not fully compos mentis, well my usual level of, anyway.

There has been the odd trip into town to run errands and seek the elusive holiday wear item Big Sis is seeking.  I have booked my flights to go and visit my BFF in September, and her daughter will be joining us before she returns to Uni, it will be like the musketeers reuniting [without the drinking, carousing and fighting, lol].  I am looking forward not only to catching up with them both face-to-face but to also exploring somewhere I have never been before.

It is early August and in about a month the tiny terrorist will start regular play school  [Nooooo he should still be in nappies crawling around the floor].  Time flies when you see little ones, he will be getting kitted out in his little uniform, and new shoes, all of a sudden another inch has been grow and another year has been added to this little chappy.  I feel ancient!

I should be getting on with some sewing.  I need to fix my velcro fastening on my spare back braces so this one can have a wash.  Tedious job, been putting it off for ages.  The utter faff involved in getting the right referral for them to be repairs or replaced [not to mention the cost] makes things double tedious.

Or maybe a nap …… hmmm ….. a cat nap of 40 winks sounds delightful.



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5 responses to “oww ouch just a little bit …

  1. Bushka

    August 5, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    Wake Up!!!! Enjoyed your ‘Kitty Kip’? Hope you feel more refreshed. 😉
    Good to take a ‘break’ from all your ‘busyness’….:)):)) Stay Well! Hugs! xx


    • amgroves

      August 6, 2014 at 12:13 pm

      I got distracted by a match- game on Big Fish and didn’t nap 😦

      Bidnezz can wait, it is the summer time, I am taking the same holiday as our hard working industrious society mixed politicians … see you in October, hahahahaha!


  2. gillyk

    August 5, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    /where are you going in September?? Well done on your car boot sale … getting up that early is horrendous! No wonder you need a BIG rest … :zz:


    • amgroves

      August 6, 2014 at 12:15 pm

      I am off to visit Aberdeen 🙂 and loping forward to seeing my BFF and her daughter [coming up from London] BFF’s hubby is escaping to the USA [bit drastic, lol] to visit his father.

      I finally slept last night and feel more myself today. I had a profit too, woohoo, enough for a bacon and egg sandwich next time, lol.


  3. foxhat

    August 6, 2014 at 8:29 pm

    Far West of Cornwall. Back to work now though!



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