My Life Above The Carousel

01 Aug

When Papa Jones sent the funds for his family to join him from Rhode Island all the way to Santa Monica, California, the three girls and one boy were the only ones who didn’t know just where their Father had found them to live.

This is a lovely sweet reminiscence [minus sentiment] of ‘Laney’ and her family when their artistic father got the job of repainting the famous carousel on the Santa Monica Pier in the early part of 1946 and on the floor above this unique attraction were apartments, one of which the English borne Jones Clan would call home for over eight years.  Laney is mortified, who wants to admit they live above such a place!  The beach life was wonderful, at the beach everyone was equal, surfing was the new thing, there was swimming, paddle boarding, fishing, clam digging. The Muscle Beach with Moe Forrest [before it relocated to Venice Beach] with gymnastics.  Life outside was full of fun, laughter and adventure, life at school was bearable but having the admit where she lived was a perpetual nightmare.

This is a lovely piece of social history walking a young girl into her awkward teen years, the changing times and changes in needs following the end of War.  The majority of things she did would cause a modern day aperplexi not to mention numerous degrees of litigation.  The stars and star-stand-ins that crossed her path are names sadly being forgotten.  The innocence of childhood and youth.  All excellently woven into a delightful two day read by Elaine Stephenson.

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  1. Bushka

    August 1, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    Sounds like another delightful ‘read’. Hugs! xx



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