Guy Martin Autobiography

05 Jun

Like many you’ve probably heard about Guy from his television programmes, The Boat That Guy Built, How Britain Worked and Speed, a few more of you might know him as that fellow who drinks tea by the gallon and rides motorbikes.  He seemed to capture something in people’s minds, Mums wanted to mother him, Dad’s wanted to father him, lads wanted to be him and the girls wanted to … *coff* well thats enough of that!

For Guy there are only two things in life, work fixing trucks and work making, racing bikes. He is straight and to the point in an almost arrogant selfish rudeness, he knows what he knows and if you know different, well it all depends how he respects you as to how he respects your word.  He has a serious hard work ethic, will think nothing of cycling 20+ miles to work at 5.30am to overhaul a Scania, shift its gear box and bor out a cylinder or two til six or seven at night [and then cycle home].  Riding bikes is about being on that edge between triumph and disaster, on a bike that has been tuned and tweaked to its own edge and then go faster.  I would not say he has a natural talent for racing, but he has the spirit, the will, the tenacity to work hard at it.  He’s had some spectacular smashes, broken his leg, arm, collar bone and spine.  He was a major focus of the TT documentary “Closer To The Edge”.

Born in a small village, first sone of a TT racer, he had a reasonably usual childhood and upbringing, as a teenager/young adult his wayward ways got into several scrapes and disagreements brought out his temper.

The autobiography is well written and in Guy’s own words and phrasing, if you like bikes and their technicalities you’ll get a lot more out of this book.  For me there were a couple of chapters that seemed to be there as fillers and the numerous typographical, phrasing errors distracted me.  If I ever read it again I’d make a note of where these errors were and write to the publisher.

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One response to “Guy Martin Autobiography

  1. Bushka

    June 5, 2014 at 4:02 pm

    Sounds like well written…always lends a tone of authenticity when written in the natural manner of the writer….:yes: xx



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