To Catch A Butterfly

13 May

An interesting intriguing book that begins with a horrific accident killing a father, mother and son but not the baby daughter.  We skip five years and meet a group of families, their connection being their small children’s school days friendships.  We watch as people from different backgrounds, living through differing problems and traumas, whose lives take routes not expected.  The angel gone bad, the child of domestic abuse who grows rounded and loving, the loss of parent, the truth of parentage.  Moving onto their middle teens and finally the point of independent adulthood.

There are secrets everywhere, some secrets hide fear, some hide resentment, some hide love.  When these come to the surface one of the characters will have to come to terms with tragedy and lies and decide whether to let the land lay and good to come from it, or do the right things but cause more pain and suffering.

This is the authors debut writing and was very well constructed and plotted, especially as there are two seemingly unrelated threads that are the core before revealing towards the end.  An absorbing look into human behaviour, how personality skews our perception of people.  It flowed easily and at times became too gripping to put down with the well known “Just one more chapter” syndrome a common feature.  Rather enjoyable.

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Posted by on May 13, 2014 in Books, Review



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