I think I better think it out again ….. again!!

01 May


This is the second morning in a row where in order to not miss the alarm going off at too-early-o-clock my brain was woken me at utterly-stupid-o-clock … coffee isn’t helping, nor is the waiting for someone to get here.  Long story short, workmen replacing fascias/soffits/guttering around building, need somewhere to plug in, therefore need to be up & awake & obluted & coffee-d & not indisposed & ready for ‘when’ someone comes a calling to give em spare back door key, coz I ain’t a morning person and to me mornings start after 10am. I am already too tired for today and plenty to do 

Hey ho, here we go ….. again.  My efforts to complete a simple list of tasks over a reasonable length of time.


I always feel like I am more of a D- than a B+ with “Room for improvement” scrawled in red at the bottom.  So lets look at the previous list and assess.

  • Sort through clothes [chuck, charity or carboot] ….. Nope 
  • Start wiki page edits [first two sections] …… Made an encouraging start then stalled 
  • Upload TP Tapes ….. Nope 😦  to be honest I doubt I will bother, just repurchase the books via audible over time.
  • Listen to music at minimum every other day ….. Nope   I have probably listened to some music only a couple of time since the list and one of those was the day I blogged the list.
  • Blog once or twice a week ….. Well ….. I guess …. it someway … averaging it out .. maybe this is a done one 
  • Maintain Chores regime …. that never happened 
  • Redo web page front animated gif ….. Now this IS a done one   had to redo from scratch too
  • Finish Broomstick Scarf ….. Yeap another done one 
  • Finish yellow neck warmer …. Couldn’t do this, not enough yarn, so started a Jacob Ladder scarf instead which is tediously slow to grow!

Oh my .. not good … I have no reason nor excuse, just tardiness on my part, with lack of motivation, reason or reward, I am slipping into dangerous sloth-like territory.

Right then, to tackle todays must-dos, thrilling, exciting, action-packed tedium like wash dishes, empty washing machine, cook beef stew, tidy kitchen – just the mere thought of them has drained my low resolve.  Oh lottery win, where art though so I can give work to the needy and boost our tottering economy and …. well ….. you know, other stuff.


EDIT ::  I am reposting because BlogUk has obviously left the gremlins in charge and someone forgot to lock the fridge.  Yes my post does exist, BCUK forgot to add it to the lists on friends pages or the home page so unless anyone was of a mind to click my blog no one knew I had posted [great way to make someone feel ignored BCUK].

So far no workman has found be upon the porcelain throne displaying my ratty tattoo – errands got run and done yesterday in town – kitchen is sort of straight [workmen plugging his tool into my socket] – but alas and alak no further forward with the list and other things need doing.


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4 responses to “I think I better think it out again ….. again!!

  1. Bushka

    May 1, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    I’m sure you need no reminding…’If at first you don’t succeed…etc…’ Big Hugs! xxx


    • amgroves

      May 2, 2014 at 2:05 pm

      If at first you don’t succeed, try again, the give up it wasn’t meant to be done in the first place, lol!


  2. gillyk

    May 1, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    Well done on being ready in the morning … I’m not a morning person either and I loathe having to be done and dusted when I’m not yet awake :no: Sadly for me Hub is a morning person but I’ve had to train him not to be all loud and cheerful and crack terrible jokes before I’ve at least had my only coffee of the day :>


    • amgroves

      May 2, 2014 at 2:08 pm

      LOL – it has taken my Sister a couple of years to train recently retired hubby not to approach her before her second cup of tea and after she has done her morning puzzles. He now does the washing-up and keeps clear.



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