I think I’d better think it out again!

27 Apr

This is the second morning in a row where in order to not miss the alarm going off at too-early-o-clock my brain was woken me at utterly-stupid-o-clock … coffee isn’t helping, nor is the waiting for someone to get here.  Long story short, workmen replacing fascias/soffits/guttering around building, need somewhere to plug in, therefore need to be up & awake & obluted & coffee-d & not indisposed & ready for ‘when’ someone comes a calling to give em spare back door key, coz I ain’t a morning person and to me mornings start after 10am. I am already too tired for today and plenty to do 

Hey ho, here we go ….. again.  My efforts to complete a simple list of tasks over a reasonable length of time.


I always feel like I am more of a D- than a B+ with “Room for improvement” scrawled in red at the bottom.  So lets look at the previous list and assess.

  • Sort through clothes [chuck, charity or carboot] ….. Nope 😦
  • Start wiki page edits [first two sections] …… Made an encouraging start then stalled 
  • Upload TP Tapes ….. Nope 😦  to be honest I doubt I will bother, just repurchase the books via audible over time.
  • Listen to music at minimum every other day ….. Nope 😦  I have probably listened to some music only a couple of time since the list and one of those was the day I blogged the list.
  • Blog once or twice a week ….. Well ….. I guess …. it someway … averaging it out .. maybe this is a done one 
  • Maintain Chores regime …. that never happened 😦
  • Redo web page front animated gif ….. Now this IS a done one   had to redo from scratch too
  • Finish Broomstick Scarf ….. Yeap another done one 
  • Finish yellow neck warmer …. Couldn’t do this, not enough yarn, so started a Jacob Ladder scarf instead which is tediously slow to grow!

Oh my .. not good … I have no reason nor excuse, just tardiness on my part, with lack of motivation, reason or reward, I am slipping into dangerous sloth-like territory.

Right then, to tackle todays must-dos, thrilling, exciting, action-packed tedium like wash dishes, empty washing machine, cook beef stew, tidy kitchen – just the mere thought of them has drained my low resolve.  Oh lottery win, where art though so I can give work to the needy and boost our tottering economy and …. well ….. you know, other stuff.

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