Fiscal Efficiency

15 Apr

I’ve gone all psuedo-geek speak, mucho apologs, etc and so forth.

It began with the change of tax year, as always one of the first things I do is to transfer as much as is spare into the ISA to take advantage of the tax free interest as much as possible.  You are greeted with the derisory interest rates and you start to go a shopping, perusing the www for the various well known, sort of well known, institutions that can be trusted with your life-hard-fought savings and make them grow.  Introductory offers, an exta 0.25% for this and deduction if you do that  Words that you wonder whether they really exist or just made up to sound professional.  You read the “How to apply” which makes it all sound simple, click here, type there, click and presto … alarm bells ring, nothing is ever as simple as that and anyone using simplicity as a sales pitch is fibbing!

This then progressed into a bit of a fiscal over haul, checking my bills and wondering what can be shaved or saved here or there.  I checked my phone bill  …. my double digit credit was gone and they were upping my monthly payment!!!!!  My own fault, no one to blame, I should have looked closer at the junk they send because one of them actually informed me of a change in charges.  Two of their free services are now to be charged for an over £5 per quarter plus vat.  I need to get a new home phone that has an answerphone facility, I relied upon the once-free-1571 service to catch calls I could not get to the phone to answer, but I am not paying close to £30 a year for it.  Which then beings the problem of getting to the shops to handle and see the phones to choose one, none of which I will like the ring tones of.

I wondered whether to change my ISP, I have been with the same one since roughly 2001/2, never had any issues with them, not even when they were taken over, but you wonder whether combining phone and internet would bring about some saving, but that means BT and they’re on my ‘not puggin likely list’, cannot find the costs for Sky as they include the tv package which I cannot have [cannot put dish up].

I need to change my mobile phone too, hope it can be done and retain my number, but all those places/people who’d need informing of a new number, and the vital ones I will inevitably forget.

Oh well, I gave Google plenty to do and their statistic hits will be a little wonkier and no doubt more junk mail will go to my junk email name, it filled an afternoon.  Really must get around to my list of things to do that I posted.  Oww my game has loaded, ;P 

And we wonder why we are adverse to change ….. !!!!!


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4 responses to “Fiscal Efficiency

  1. gillyk

    April 15, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    It’s all a massive hassle :yes: and sometimes I think they make it like that on purpose so we won’t bother changing … |-|


    • amgroves

      April 17, 2014 at 9:34 am

      You are quite correct. Just been trying to work out my phone bills if I did not have a call plan to see what the savings would be … I need an -ology in advanced mathematics!


  2. Bushka

    April 15, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    🙄 All so confussing….:roll: Perhaps, to make it ‘not easy’ to change…as Gilly says. 😉 Hugs! xx



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