Lady Justice & The Assassin

08 Feb
LJ& the assassin

The premise of the book is that two radical groups join forces to a common aim, assassinate the President of the United States but in the modern world of surveillance both groups are too well known and too closely monitored to organise this audacious event themselves – the twist is to find the perfect person that can be persuaded with the most real of motives that would be completely overlooked by all authorities.

Bloggers, while reading this book it dawned on me that it could be true, it could happen and with all the wonders of the modern age, with the most thorough of checks and with the most diligent of human eye – it could easily happen.

But this is not a cold blooded dark or vicious read, our intrepid hero [this is from a series] and his fellow officers, friends and family are suddenly full front and centre when one of them gets a tap on the shoulder.  There is natural humour throughout which adds to the believability and reality of the book, we all have that person who has that quip that makes us smirk and smile at the most unfortunate or tense of moments.  The associated sub-plots do not over take the main course, nor do they feel irrelevant.  The authors ability to blend the serious with the humourous, the individual with the mainstream is excellent.  It wouldn’t be a 3-D action thriller of a movie but its not Midsommer Murders either.

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