Frequently question at 2am

11 Jan

How often have we thought “Hmm, might blog about that” and when we sit at our keys we think “Nah”.  Guilty as charged.  Sometimes I feel an obligation to post something as my mystery readers are checking to see something new, sometimes I think, I really cannot be arsed to come up with anything to blog about that is light, amusing, informative and not dreary moany.

This stems from inactivity and lack of interaction, with a smidgen of isolation.

There is a strong possibility that I will be invited to an event in New York City sometime this year and I would rather like to go, a great lump of me does not want to because it will not meet expectation [none of my trips meet the preconceived expectation, are a disappointment at the time but become wildly awesome after the event when recounting the experience, its a me thing].  My situ means that I will have to take someone with me, Big Sis would love it but she has no funds and does not like the idea of me paying for her.  We’ve had an offer from someone to stay at their home and some wheelchair transport is available for sightseeing etc.  But it is getting to a friggin airport!  NYC direct flights are only from Heathrow and it will cost more than the whole trip to use ‘airport cars’.  So I doubt I will be going, nor to Europe next year.  I am slightly jaded of view that really it is not worth the disappointment of hoping for anything anymore.

As consolation, I shall retire from the keys and crochet a little.

In other news, new Mac is behaving, old Mc is busy recording some old tapes that I can make as mp3’s. The dishes are not done and the stew is not stewing, the hair is not washed but the book reviews have already been posted.

I’ve been awake for six hours, up and about for almost four hours, quite tempted to just go back there.

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One response to “Frequently question at 2am

  1. gillyk

    January 11, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    Hope you get some more sleep – I find it’s not a good idea for me to make decisions at night when I’m tired – I always feel more jaded and pessimistic then!



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