Testing, testing – too late!

11 Oct

As the able immortal Freddie once wrote “I’m going slightly mad” ….. and the cause of this is one word ….. people ….. or maybe the people that surround me.  I cannot seem to get myself back into a working routine and the moment I do some ‘erbert insists on troubling me with an inane question and seems all the more perplexed when I start my reply with “You need to …..”.  The thing is, I can and do make allowances for those of a respected age and for those who are unaware but when it comes to the over-educated over-paid professional I do get exasperated, wondering how an average educated, average intelligent, persons such as I have greater smarts and common sense than these others.  Head+wall=bang!!

I have been making full advantage of an app on my iPad, the reminders, it is like a lists app, you add things and can tick them off when done, you can add an alert for it to remind you if something has a deadline.  I have four lists, the general “To do” list, the “Family Tree” list for the things I need to do before cancelling my subscription, the “BCGMC” list which is all the things needing my attention for the residents management company here, including finding my replacement, and then there is the “STCG” list which has the jobs to do on the musicians website. Currently there are 35 items listed, one of which is not to blog, lol.  I could be cheeky and add it to then tick it off  :D.  Folks, you know I love my working lists but the down side of this new electronic method is that they are not staring me in the face on the desk, they are tucked away.

My patience and tolerance levels of people have definitely taken a serious beating.  I have been left with a feeling that no-one bothers with me unless they want/need/demand something of me.

Oh here’s another …. phone goes, “Why don’t my stairs lights work?”. Seems a simple question but what it is really asking is, will you sort out the repair and pay for them [not me personally pay, but the management company]. When I call him back, or rather when he turns on his mobile, he will not like my reply [dusk til dawn sensor on building front, your responsibility to sort and pay, no I don’t have a ladder, no I don’t know the part number, no I don’t know where is the cheapest place to get them, and no I don’t want to hear your life story, again].

The weather has gone all autumn, the wind is howling through my letter box, the rain is lashing against the windows, the socks and jumpers are back on, the heating is on and even the light on the desk is on to banish the gloom.

Another week is over, my happy bunny demeanour has gone underground and I don’t feel like I am any further forward.  I didn’t set out to have a moan but my typing thumbs have typed their way into one.

Okay Scarlet spout your stuff “After all tomorrow is another day” [of gloom?]


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2 responses to “Testing, testing – too late!

  1. Bushka

    October 11, 2013 at 11:40 am

    Hugs! Frustrating as life might be for you…at times, at least…your posts are always ‘fun to read’….:roll: Your admirable ‘sense of humour’….:oops: ( I ducked there…) I send you lots of Hugs Ann….Always keep that sense of humour – survival technique…;)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. freeasthewind

    October 12, 2013 at 2:22 am

    I admire your survival technique and love reading your posts. Hugs



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