But Yesteray Was Tuesday?

07 Jun


It’s been a weird week, from the hormone hell of hot flushes feeling like I am sleeping on a hot plate, to shivering in the sea cooled breezes, to being convinced Tuesday was Thursday and the next day was Friday, to taking Sister shopping for her birthday gift, to weirdly weird sleep patterns.

And now it is Friday.

And the “to-do” list is now the “Not-Done” list.

Wednesday was rather good – it was my Sisters 0-hell birthday day.  I had decorated her card with a wordle i had created using the words that describe her and then took her shopping.  I was determined to buy her the gold and garnet ring he has wanted for years, something special, significant.  She was equally determined that I was not going to spend that much on her, so I told her to hush it is her ‘diamond birthday’, and maybe part of her christmas present too [which I’ll conveniently forget by December].  We knew the jewellers we wanted to go to, they specialise in pre-loved, antique, quality pieces and I must say I’d rather spend the money on something that looks like it will last decades rather than the brand new stuff at twice the price which looks as fragile as glass.  We perused the window trays and whilst nothing grabbed her there were a couple of contenders.  We went in and he opened the window and bam, right infront of her the first one she saw, that we had not noticed in the window was ‘the’ one and it fitted perfectly – sorted and all smiles.

Sleep is still erratic, it never used to be this bad.  My bud asked how the hell I managed my job, well that was ten years ago and I was ten years fitter, in a very structures routine and exhaustion brought sleep.  Now as a retired person, there is little to hang my every day routine upon and Wednesday night is a typical example of my more annoying nights.

I hit the sheets just about 11pm and read two chapters of Lorna Doone [the original unabridged version], turned onto my side to settle and turned over to my sleep position a little after 12.40.  At 2.34am I woke suddenly feeling like I was roasting, nowhere was cool  I threw off the duvet but that quickly became too cold, under duvet too warm, cover bits with part of duvet sort of okay.  I clock watched until gone 5am unable to return to sleep but too weary to get up, caught in the soporific no-mans-land.  I know I fell asleep because I roused and became alert, laid there listening to the sounds as the day started, neighbour noises, cars outside and then my mobile phone buzzed a little after 8 heralding a text message.  That dealt with, I resettled and was almost on the verge of dropping off when the lawnmower started.  That was it, now I needed a pee too, the day would be zombie mooching.

Must get myself into productive mode this weekend, chore productive, desk productive, crochet productive .. stuff’s gotta get done!

Sorry for the typos, I feel the need to rest my eyelids for a few, no I won’t sleep, just zone out a bit.


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4 responses to “But Yesteray Was Tuesday?

  1. Bushka

    June 7, 2013 at 12:28 pm

    ….and don’t forget…..’rest productive’…;) Week-end, you know…:roll: Hugs! :)xxxxx


  2. gillyk

    June 7, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    That gold and garnet ring sounds gorgeous – I would be delighted with that and I can well understand how pleased she is!

    You describe so well the ghastliness of insomnia. Lots of sympathy from here. I try not to nap in the day or that messes up the next night too. Do hope you can drop off and stay asleep tonight. Those night sweats …


  3. Miza-T

    June 11, 2013 at 2:13 pm




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