Mis-directed email

21 May


When reading the Our-Place blog the other day I was reminded of an anecdote that I heard on the radio many years ago when personal emails was really beginning to take off as a communication means …. it went something like this …..

A country vicar living in one of America’s Northern states was due to attend a conference in Florida, upon arriving at his hotel he noticed that there was an area of computers that guests could use and decided to would email rather than telephone his wife as she would be surprised at his grasping of this new medium that she was already proficient in, but he rarely used.

He sat at the keyboard and after signing in had to recall his wifes email address, he was sure he had it correct and sent off the email with a satisfied smile and continued about his business.  Sadly he didn’t quite get it correct and the email landed in the inbox of a young grieving widow not long returned from her departed husbands funeral.

The email read …..

Hi Honey,

Surprise! I bet you didn’t think you’d be hearing from me so soon did you?  Sorry I couldn’t hang on to say good bye, the journey was okay but rather bumpy.  Well I got here okay, it as hot as Hadies down here though.  I checked in and they confirmed your reservation to join me in a few days.

See you then xx

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