Who forgot the towel?

26 Feb


I have no sympathy with myself, I had ample opportunity to do it sooner and kept forgetting.  I really should be more observant and when that little voice inside says “Hang on, somerts amiss”, I should stop and hang on and look …. …. ….

As I needed a wee I decided, two birds one trip I will wash my hair. So suitably de-peed, I started to fill the sink with lovely warm water, got the shampoo bottle and gave it a shake, making mental note to consider getting a new one, parked my curvy arse on the stool and with head over sink emptied jug of water over my bonce.

It had to be then that the inner voice remembered what it was it needed to say when it told me to hang on.  It said “You great numpty, what are you going to do now, the towels are in the dryer ….. still ….. where they’ve been since washed and dried ….. you kept forgetting or postponing to put them back on the rail … nice one, idiot”



Now my bathroom floor may be a bobbly non-slip one but even with a hint of moisture I can slide. Think, think, think.  I cannot try and get up and go to the kitchen to grab towel from th e dryer because I will slide onto the flooron a drip dripped.  I could use my jumper, take that off, rub dry my hair, then go to bedroom and find dry jumper … or … I could try the dry face cloth, my hair is super short now its been cut so it doesn’t need much towelling.

So I did that.  Then I went into the kitchen and emptied the dryer and put the towels back in the bathroom.  Don’t tell anyone will you?  Cheers, I know my secret is safe here on the internet.


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2 responses to “Who forgot the towel?

  1. gillyk

    February 26, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    :)) Smart move, amgroves 😉



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