T’was a battle fought well.

13 Jan


You know how it goes … that well worn phrase that lands you in trouble “Just put it there I will deal with it later” … words can be our own worst enemy and undoing.  So it was with me, when the Yuletide shopping began bags were put here and there prior to the wrapping, laundry was pilled around it [one side dirty, the other clean].  Why couldn’t it go in the basket? Because there was a thingy on it that had been put there to put away later behind all the wrappings and trimmings and temporarily displaced ornaments and …  Then there is a hurried discarding of detritus as you enjoy the season damned if you are going to do anything remotely close to a ‘chore’, tis the holiday season … And then post season as you try and haul your arse back into the every day world and have little energy to do anything you just lump the stuff on the existing pile and …. well you get the idea.

So after stubbing my toe on the corner of the gift bag there [the red one with the trees on it] I swore to do battle.  To be honest the mess had got to the stage where I was not sure where to start.  With audio book uploaded to the iPad [Ngaio Marsh Singing In The Shrouds – rather good, Agatha Christie-esque] fortified with a mug of coffee I set forth into the melee to do battle and rescue the fair calm of my boudoir.

There were casualties [three finger nails and a scraped knuckle].  There was a point where so much was placed everywhere all over the bed in an attempt to organise the putting away without double handling, that I serious thought I am swamped, it has me, all is lost.  But valiantly I fought on, making note to return with carrier bag to de-junk the glory draw [has now been done, it now closes without a shove and has space to accumulate more crap].  Clothes were folded the put away, the thingy needing attention was attended to and the dirties put in the basket [to-do list says do laundry, oops].

You can see the result!  The candle was rescued and lit for a while.  Strangely the room seemed bigger and sparse with everything returned to its straightened self.  Alright alright, just don’t look at the bed … I said Don’t look at the ……. ….. I promise I did go to the other side of the bed and put the books and DVD’s back on the shelves.

To the Victor the Spoils .. just don’t put it down anywhere put it away and don’t spill anything or drop a crumb .. do you know how long it took me to tidy this damn room up!

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One response to “T’was a battle fought well.

  1. gillyk

    January 13, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    :)) :)) absolutely brilliant! I sooooooooooooo know how that feels … well done! Great idea to put an audio tape on :yes:



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