From cover to cover, twice

06 Jan

I read one of my christmas present books yesterday. I settled on the sofa all cosy and warm and started on page one and found this gripping tale an utter page turner and before I knew it, without the need for a pee break, coffee or any other distraction I had completed it!  I set about doing other mundane things and found myself recalling passages and wondering if I had remembered it correctly and gave in and read it again .. from cover to cover.

This is a first, never have I been so compelled by the written word.

Without wanting to give too much away it is a gripping yarn about persistence and persuasion when met with resistance and denial.  I imagine one could also see it as the stubborn not wanting to try something new or adventurous, or equally as the exuberant fleeing the convention of old to define their own path.  The ideas and possibilities that float across the pages were sometimes plausible and sometimes fanciful, but always presented with sincere grace.

The plot twist at the end is a lesson to us all … you never know until you try.

It is a multi award winning book, and rightly so.

I cannot recommend it enough.  Ladies and Gentlemen I give to you ………


This is the book that as a child I crazed and crazed and apparently crazed everyone and anyone to read to me over and over again and again – I think now there is a toddler in the family someone has been plotting some cold revenge


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2 responses to “From cover to cover, twice

  1. Bushka

    January 6, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    Now THAT sounds like a fabulous read for anyone…. 🙄 Wonderful! Hugs! xx


  2. gillyk

    January 6, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    Dr Seuss is a huge fave in my family!!



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