Post Festive Funk

04 Jan


I am in my post-festive funk when I cannot seem to get back into any sort of routine and can find little enthusiasm in the projects and tasks awaiting my attention.

Pre the event I am swirled up in the discussions of deliscious delights, fun and entertainment and the excitement of gifting and wondering how things will go.  Oh I have not told you of the TeaBoy v Washer-up-erer … well the TeaBoy [aka bro in law] has always made a cuppa for my Sister first thing, whether it be 5am as he was about to leave for work or 7.30am because they’ve slept in, he has years of mostly faithful service and as much was awarded ‘Employee of the Month’ status and gifted some ferrero rocher and told not to tell the washer-up-erer.  Now the Washer-up-erer is a relatively new addition to the household workforce, it is my brother in law, he formed the habit of doing the dishes since he retired.  As new employees should always be encouraged and as some days he has to do his duty as much as three times he was awarded “Employee of the Month” status and gifted some ferrero rocher and told not to tell the TeaBoy for the sake of staff morale.  We are daft int we?  It went down a giggle [as did the chocs of which my Sister and I saw NONE!]

I was staying at my Sisters and did not return home until late afternoon on the Thursday [I know it was a thursday as it is on the calendar, get dragged home], there is the lulled wind down of enjoying gifts and nibbling treats and the utter buggersome yukkery of New Year [hate it, often the earliest time I am tucked up in bed of the whole year].  Things in general are not in their right place or at their right time.

My usually wonky sleep pattern is utterly bonkers, my eating habits totally out of wack and there is a general feeling of “ugg”-ness because the normalityof every day life has yet to return.  I know how I would like my day to run, but not having a job, or husband/children on which to peg a routine, lazy apathy can very quickly take hold and as yet my will power has not recharged to make me ‘get-on-and-do’.  I ‘think’ mentally I am waiting for the cold wet icy snowy weather to descend and disappear so I can really get on with pepping up.

I feel the need to get boot strap pulling but meh it can wait.


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3 responses to “Post Festive Funk

  1. gillyk

    January 4, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    You wait, Amgroves – there’s nobody to impress except yourself so why bother until you feel like it?? 😉


  2. Bushka

    January 4, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    I guess many of us find ourselves where you are….:roll: Even those who have been ‘struggling’ through work….:roll: ;)xx


  3. deleted user

    January 5, 2013 at 12:23 am

    I understand. My sleep patterns have recently been more bonkers than usual, too.
    Glad you enjoyed Christmas.



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