01 Sep


Sheehs, I might just have to go fetch a cardigan, sure has turned chilly of an afternoon these last couple of days.

Well, following the success of Augustus Intentions, lets see if we can keep the ball rolling through September.  So the tasks for the konth are …..

  • Crochet the black neck warmer for Tania
  • Crochet at least one pair of gloves
  • Work on the uploaded videos, prep for DVD-ing [see below]
  • Set about ordering the shower chair.

Sometimes things can sound so simple, upload video to computer and burn to DVD.  Where as infact it ain’t so.  The recording of the video to the computer is the easy bit, with the “elgato video capture” bit of kit it really is a case of plug it in, press play on the vcr and record on the screen.  But it is not so straight forward thereafter; in iMovie I need to rework the accompanying back ground music, add the titles and transitions.  Then it needs saving in the appropriate format to be able to open in iDVD to make the title menu with background and buttons before burning as a DVD; with all the exporting and confinguring of the file time, that’s somewhere near three hours!  The videos I am doing are the one’s my Dad had transferred from 8mm cine film to video some 20 years ago, there is the one all about me [tedious viewing, lol], my Sister’s wedding [awe], and the family trip to Legoland Billund Denmark.  After those three, there are my Jubilee Sailing Trust trip videos which should all go onto one DVD with a little editing, they also mean some nifty creative title pages to make as well.  A simple task that could take the best part of the month to get done.

I have a crochet commission – someone on my Facebook friends list messaged me when I posted a picture of the completed neck warmers and asked me to ake one for them.  All that nerve wracking, making something for someone I do not know that I won’t bump into seems less daunting than mking something for some one I know who knows where I live!

After the debacle of occupational health’s ‘assistance’ with finding a suitable shower chair, someone on the Muscular Dystrophy forum told me about the company she uses and sent me their brochure.  They make things to fit the persons needs rther than stock unadjustable equipment.  This means they should be able to put together a chair on wheels that will fit though my bathroom door – whoop whoop.

I could do with a nap but it is already 4.40 pm and my tummy will soon take on its alarm clock duties of reminding me it is time to start cooking the bolognese sauce.


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2 responses to “Septemberrrrrrrr

  1. la_spice

    September 1, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    The DVD project sounds very interesting – enjoy 🙂

    I could do with a nap but it’s 19:18 and I’m chomping on a bowl of cereals as I can’t be bothered making myself anything! Naughty, naughty 🙄


  2. Bushka

    September 1, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    I have NO doubt you will accomplish ALL of these…and ‘more’…..;)
    Just keep that ‘tummy’ well-serviced…..Hugs! :)xx



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